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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Planning Process For My Thanksgiving Table

November has finally arrived!! With November comes Thanksgiving!! I must admit I already have my table somewhat planned.

It all started with a tablecloth I purchased last Spring. It was a nice quality piece with what felt like the perfect Thanksgiving color scheme for my dining room.

Since my dining room is wallpapered in a lime green and white stripe the combination of a dark lime and umber seemed like the perfect starting point……..

Thanksgiving Table 007 (800x600)
This is the border that goes around the rectangle tablecloth.

Thanksgiving Table 009 (800x600)
The entire center is the wonderful dark lime. With this color scheme in mind I started thinking of elements that would be a nice compliment to the table cloth.
My first thought went to Mother Nature, and all her wonderful offerings……..

I love the way wood tones look with the dark lime, don’t you?

I definitely knew I needed some wood elements on my table. Now, how am I going to do that?


When I saw this nice long box I knew this would be what I would be using to hold my arrangement. I have a table that will make into a 9ft table so I will have my sweet Hubby construct a box 6ft long!!

In the past I have had arrangements this long on my table so I know this size will be perfect. Here is a picture of one of my arrangements for Thanksgiving…….

2009 Thanksgiving table.

This arrangement had more sparkle, and glimmer than what I plan for this years table, and it was about 5ft. long. I am thinking of using more rustic, rough textures for this years arrangement.

2010 Thanksgiving table.

I went looking for more examples of arrangements in wooden boxes to get an idea of how others chose to use wooden boxes. Here are a few examples of what I found………

This was interesting! I like the different sizes and types of woods used in the different boxes. As much as I like this idea, I think one very long box will give more Wow factor!!

 This is a great idea!! I really like having some writing on the box. Obviously I would write something about giving,”Thanks!” after all it is Thanksgiving!! I also would want the writing to look a bit softer…….

I really like the writing to be off-set like it is on this box.
So it is settled my arrangement will be in a 6ft long rustic box with writing about giving thanks, and in a softer color and flowing font!! Perfect!!
I now have my color scheme and the feel will be natural and a bit rustic.
Next step is to figure out what elements I will be using in my arrangement.
I start out my looking for the right greens and browns. Here is what I have decided might be good possibilities…….

Nuts would give me some different shades of browns to work with, and it would also add to the textural look I am going for.

Artichokes will be the perfect color of green, and they will also offer a nice sculptural look to the arrangement.

Artichokes look really good with this rustic wood box. I can see my plan unfolding, can you?

This is an interesting combination! I am not sure I will add lemons, but I am going to keep this in the back of my mind. Once I start putting it together I will try some lemons to see if the pop of yellow will be a nice addition to the composition.

I like a touch of white with the browns and green so I will be adding white to my arrangement also.

Shall we look at some rooms that have a brown, green and white color combination to see how it all works together?….

I don't know about you all, but I think this green,brown and white combination is going to work perfectly for my Thanksgiving Table for this year!!! I am getting excited!! Next I need to pick out something with a little shine to make it interesting...... to be continued.........

“Enjoy the Process!” Of:

Planning your Thanksgiving Table!