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Saturday, August 28, 2010

This Made Me Stop and Look Twice!!

Do you ever see something at a glance and then your brain kicks into gear and you say, “Wait a minute, that is interesting!”
This image did that to me……..
wall grouping

wall grouping
Of course, the black, green and white combination caught my eye. That is a given. What surprised me was all the rough textures and natural elements that caught my eye. I usually prefer a softer finer lined combination in a vignette.

 To be honest I probably would not use anything, but the plants in my home. Did you notice the highs and lows? All in all I think this is a totally interesting wall grouping. It is completely outside my box and I think that is what is so interesting. Never close the door to a good design or an interesting design. There is always something to be learned or inspired by.

Here is another image that made me take a second look. I would do this look. It has colors and elements that I do love. I love the symmetry. The large piece of art is a stand-out and the flowers in the green vases completes the look for me.

This is another room that made me stop and look twice. I love many of the elements in this room, but I probably would not do this in my own home.

The point is, although I would not do it in my home, it still makes me stop and look twice. If a room makes you take a second look, stop and take the time to figure out why? Your initial reaction might be, " I would never do that!" and that might be true,but there was still something that made you stop and look twice. Take the time to figure out what it was.

  •  In the first picture what stopped me were the colors and the overall composition of textures and live plants.
  • The second picture it was the colors, the large piece of art and the pop of green in the vases filled with flowers.
  • The last picture the softness of the colors, the feminine quality of the furniture lines and the elegance.
What do you think? Did anything in the above imaes  catch your eye or would you just have turned the page and dismissed all of these images? Next time you go back and take a second look at something that you really don't think you like. STOP!! and study it and see which elements made you go back for a Second Look!!

“Enjoy the Process” Of:
Discovering something outside the box that draws you in and studying it!