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Friday, March 22, 2019

Emotional Purchasing

Do you have emotional attachments 
to your clothing? I do! 

I know exactly where it comes from too! My Mom and I use to have so much fun planning my wardrobe and she would stay up until the wee hours of the morning sewing cute dresses for me to wear and then we would go shopping for the cutest shoes and purses to go with the outfits.

There are so many memories of outfits I  remember by what I wore to different occasions in my life.

I'm not sure if this is a healthy state of mind or not, but it sure does make me smile when I think of certain outfits or certain shopping days with my Mom. 

We still so wardrobe planning but now I  plan her wardrobe and I do the shopping for her. We play dress ups and have special girl time. We laugh, giggle and have the best time together.

 My beautiful blue eyed boy!

My Moms suit was pink Shantung with matching shoes of course! I still have my white satin wedding shoes.

I recently made a purchase because it reminded of something very pleasant in my life   I actually saw This piece quite awhile ago but was waiting for it to launch.

It's from the new Spring collection by Chriselle Lim. which launched two days ago.

I found her on Instagram and I love her style and her IG stories are some of the best. Her coverage on Paris fashion Week was outstanding. I felt like I
was there.

One of her pieces immediately made me think of one of my honeymoon pieces.

Here we are leaving for our honeymoon. I wish I had pictures of it in color. And yes that is an avocado green Samsonite luggage, after all this was 1970!

I'm not sure if today's brides have a wedding trouseau or not. but my Mom sewed all of my pieces. 

It was all pink and white and it all coordinated. I had solid pink and white pieces and some pink with thin white stripes. There was a slip dress with a pink linen skirt that I had a striped top or a white top I could wear with it.( I'm wearing it in the picture of us leaving the church on our honeymoon.) I had a pink coat and a striped jacket and pants. Of course I had the matching pink shoes too!

I'm a PINK gal from way back. I wore a lot of pink in my years and it is still one of the colors I get the most compliments on when I wear it.

I've even added it to my home decor for Spring.

Here is the piece that made me think of my outfit even though the stripes are much wider than mine, just the over all look and feel of the jacket reminded me of a very sweet memory in my life....

Found Here!

The Cherie Cinch blazer found on Shop Bop HERE

Be sure to check out her other pieces. I know many of them have already sold out on the very first day so don't wait if you love it buy it!!

 Her price points are very affordable and her style is feminine and classic. She has amazing style and also has two of the cutest little girls that she shares on instagram all the time. I always look forward to her stories.

Now my fingers are crossed
 that it will fit.

Monday, March 11, 2019



First I have to thank all of you wonderful readers and friends that have emailed me, messaged, or left comments here on my blog and on Facebook.  You all have reached out with so much love, compassion and heartfelt words, and most of all prayers for my beautiful blue eyed boy Dougie.

We have gone through a lot of hard times since I wrote last on my blog. The most recent was a hospitalization on an emergency basis for an infection. Two days in ICU and 4 more days in the hospital.

This left Dougie in a very weakened condition.So much so that we had to come to terms with how we want to move forward. We have had lots of heartfelt conversations over the last 8 months about life and death. 

We have tried very hard to stay open and honest with each other. We have laughed and we have cried together. Some difficult decisions have had to be decided along the way and recently the inevitable decision had to be made.

As difficult as it sounds it was the only decision that could be made at this point in time. Dougie and me,along with our boys decided that it is time for Hospice.

He is done, he is tired of fighting, and weary. We gave it all we could, and now it is time for us along with our family to have some peace and comfort.

This is a very intimate time for our family and we are praying for peace and love to surround this precious man that so deserves to feel nothing but comfort, peace and love.

He spent his life giving so much to his family and even at this time we are what he thinks of first. He is a selfless, precious child of God.

What has happened and been happening the last 8 months is heartbreaking, but what has BEEN for our whole life together, is beyond wonderful. We have had a life together that is beyond blessed and we are both so grateful for every single second.

So now we get to have some more precious moments and only God knows the appointed time of Dougies departure from my arms and into the arms of Jesus.


Tuesday, February 5, 2019

The Most Difficult Post I've Ever Written

Do you have a hard time sharing deeply personal things about yourself, or for asking for help when you really and truly need it? ME TOO!

The other day a Facebook friend from high school asked for prayer for her sick baby granddaughter. I told her I would pray and I followed closely on her progress. When that little one got to go home I was so happy and relieved for her family. 

I remember thinking what a privilege it was to share in their lives at such an intimate time, and to be able to pray for them, actually an honor, a privilege to pray for one of Gods children. I didn't need to know details because my God knew the story from beginning to end. All I needed to know is someone I cared about was asking for prayer.

I'm realizing I need to ask for prayer, even if it feels uncomfortable for me. How can God be glorified if I don't allow people, praying people, to pray for me. 

Now, first you must know that I truly believe in prayer, however that does not mean that I believe whatever I pray for I will get because God's plan goes beyond my wants. He is sovereign, omnipotent and I am required to trust and believe in him no matter what the outcome is. He does promise he will get me THROUGH whatever I am experiencing and will be with me.

I'm becoming more and more aware that sometimes  my privacy issues are not a good thing. This is something I struggle with. How do I share certain things or ask for prayer without letting it all out. 

Right now Dougie and I are going through the most horrific experience in our lives and I am asking for your prayers.

In July of this year my beautiful Dougie was diagnosed with Liver cancer. It is terminal and he will die from this. When?, only God knows.

 I will say this, this horrible, heinous disease is taking my Dougie away from me. My heart is broken beyond belief. I have never felt such pain, a pain in a part of my body that I never knew was there. A part of me that is so deep within it cuts to my core.

Our story has many layers and details, none of which are necessary to share at this time, because God knows our needs, and if you are believer in prayer then you know the fact that we are asking for your sacred, heartfelt prayers is all that needs to be said at this time.

This was such a difficult thing for me to post and I have prayed about the timing of when I would share what has been going on over the last 7 months. I truly feel that today was the day I needed to share and to ask you all for prayers for my beautiful blue eyed boy, Dougie.

                      Isaiah 41:13
For I the LORD your God will hold your right hand, saying to you, Fear not; I will help you.