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Friday, May 6, 2011

A Whoa Moment!!

I was having sort of a bad day today. Nothing in particular just everything in general. You know the kind of day where you feel at sorts about just about everything. You try to get going on a project and you are convinced nothing will make a difference in the way that you are feeling.

I started thinking about all of the changes I wanted to do to my house, only to get discouraged because I know that at this time it is not possible.

Truly just spiraling with thoughts in my brain. Not feeling like myself at all. As the day continued I had a wonderful conversation with two amazing friends and found out they were feeling somewhat the same way.
The three words that came to mind were, Confused, Anxious, Self-doubt!!!

I  took a break to look around blog land hoping to get my mind on something else or at least find something inspiring. Little did I know what was waiting for me. It was as if God had written what you are about to see just for me at that very moment………..

four if by sea (554x571)
Whoa!!!!! I immediately thought, did I thank God for my family, my health, my home?? It was an amazing process at how my brain literally felt like it was jolted into reverse!!!

After that, I stopped and started to realize, it all boiled down to what was important to me. My loved ones, my health, my home. The basics.
Don’t we all have so much more than just the basics?

 I for one felt ashamed and thankful at the same time.
Ashamed for how I had been thinking and thankful that this very message came to me at such a perfect time.

 It is not a message I will soon forget. I am realistic and I do realize with the busyness of life I will become overwhelmed from time to time, but I think I will always visualize this bright purple rectangle with those words in bold print.


above image via Four If By Sea