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Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Demise of the DUVET?

Are we about to see the demise of the duvet?  How can that be?

I read an interesting and humorous article on Tuesday. After reading it I could not get it out of my mind. You can read the whole article HERE.

I loved the article for its humor, but I also loved that it made me think about how I felt about the possible demise of the duvet.

Basically the article was saying that the big poufy duvet comforters will no longer be what is in vogue for bed dressings. Instead we will be seeing a much sleeker, tight fitting bed dressing.

Down comforters are too poufy, too heavy and too hot!! The author talks about the lumpy unmade look with a bazillion pillows is soon to be a thing of the past.

 We have had this look for quite a few years. It has become a little more refined than the look of the late 80’s where the beds were piled with multiple patterned covers and enough pillows for an army.

I did a little research over at Pottery Barn and this is what I saw………

PB (610x477)
Pottery Barn

Multiple patterns and duvets with quite a few pillows.

PB3 (610x477)
Pottery Barn

It is looking pretty poufy to me.

pottery barn (610x477)
Pottery Barn

How about the un-made look?

It looks as if duvets and down comforters are alive and well at Pottery Barn!

  I went over to William Sonoma Home to check out what they were featuring.

WS 1 (360x360)
Hotel bedding is a classic.

WS (288x360)
The suzani is a fun look!

WS 2 (360x288)
Stripes are always in!!

It looks as if WS Home is still in the camp of the Duvet/Down Comforter. 

Now I really had to think about what I read. I went out in cyber space over to Decorpad to see if I could find some examples of the well-made tight looking bed coverings that were spoken of in the article. Here is what I found……..

David Hicks by Ashley Hicks via ED & Philip Gorrivan Photography (400x320)
David Hick and Ashley Hicks for Elle Decor magazine, Philip Gorrivan Photography.

A much tighter and smoother looking bed than the above images. Hmmmm??

decorpad Traditional Home (470x473)
Traditional Home
Only one bolster to be found here!!

decorpad  Bear Hill Interiors (332x453)
Bear Hill Interiors
Still looking smooth and finished to me.

Brown Design (600x333)
Brown Interiors
You can not get a much tighter look than a bed that has it’s coverings tucked in!

2 (400x400)
Two pillows and tucked in tightly!!

untitled1 (400x592)
This bed is so elegant and elaborate, and yet the coverings are smooth, tight and very simple, interesting?!

Now, the next question is to YOU, my readers.

Do you feel the poufy comforter is on it’s way OUT?

 Do you think the look of a more smooth polished looking bed dressing is the new look for 2011?!

Tell me what you think!!

“Enjoy the Process” Of:

Figuring out the trends and seeing if you like or dislike the direction they seem to be going !!