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Friday, October 16, 2015



I almost don’t know where to begin, so much has happened in the last three days.

As most of you know we received the keys to our new home and she is officially ours. Read about it....

With all new homes there are always a few glitches. Before I mention the glitches, I have to say that Shea homes has been amazing on how they take care of the customers well being through the process.

For those of you that work in the design business, or building industry you know that mistakes happen.

After all we are working with imperfect humans and man made products.

Trust me when I tell you what the problems have been it still has not dampened our spirits, and happiness in this process. 

STUFF can be fixed and it is being fixed!

First problem was my beautiful island counter top had two scratches that Shea would not accept, and they had the top replaced, however the second top as beautiful as it was had a stark white dot the size of a match head, not acceptable to Shea, or to us, so it has to be replaced, and it might have to be replaced after we are moved in. 

Our counter tops are a Quartz product called Lyskamm by Arizona tile….

Of all of the quartz products I have seen that are trying to resemble marble this one is the most subtle in person. 

I absolutely love it, and would highly recommend it for those of you that want a soft white counter top with a bit of movement. I chose it because of the subtle movement. Since my counter top is over 9ft long and 4 ft. deep the movement helps break the large mass up a bit.

P1150756 (800x600)
After we get settled we plan on having a subway tile back splash like I had in our previous home installed.

Now for the second problem. When I saw the carpet that was installed my memory told me it was wrong, then self doubt set in, and I wondered if it was a good thing I am retired because I had totally lost my eye for color.
I had taken pictures of all of my choices and it did not resemble the carpet in the image at all.

Since the builder is no longer carrying my carpet they had to send for a sample so that was the first delay, and then it arrived.


P1150743 (800x600)
My design plan was to have a soft sand/beige that would give a creamy look with the white walls and go nicely with the tile and the wood floor.

The carpet that was installed picked up some of the darker gray veins in the tile ,but was not the look I was going for at all.

P1150741 (800x600)
You can see how the one I chose  is almost the same color as the grout. Whew! I have not lost my eye for color, the sample was exactly as I had remembered it.

P1150746 (800x600)
I am not sure if you can see the color clearly in the picture, but the carpet they installed is a greige, with a green base to it and there is NO way I would put green based anything next to the wood flooring, or the tile. 

Anything green based can bring up the red or pink tones in an element if there are those undertones present. 

My flooring is a soft subtle brown, but there are some planks that do have an ever so slight red undertone, so the carpet just made those show up. 

Color tip:
Remember green and red are opposites on the color wheel and they will make each other’s hue stronger. Whenever colors are opposite each other on the color wheel they will make each other look more vivid.

Next problem, they found out my carpet that I DID choose was on back order, so the hunt began.

Today we found out they found it in Irvine, Calif. and it will be here on Monday and installed.

We planned on moving on Monday so now we are waiting to hear back from our movers to  find out when they can move us.

We are fine with all of this, and going with the flow.

We are also very thankful that we have the freedom to go with the flow since we are retired, and we have a place to live until we move because we did not cut our time in the apartment too close to the move in date. 

Shea representatives have been so gracious and apologetic, and truly have done what they can to make this easier on us and fix the mistake.

Today :
  • We had the oven repair guy check out why the oven light does not work, and he will be back because the oven doesn’t work either.
  • There was a patch of texture on the wall that did not match the rest of the wall in the master bedroom so that was fixed.
  • We had the tile and grout, counters and shower walls sealed.
  • Hung the temporary blinds
P1150768 (446x800)

I put pumpkins on our new mantel, that was so fun!!

New house pumpkins and flowers (2)
New house pumpkins and flowers (1) (600x800)
I am sure there will be more things as we go along, that is just how it works with a new home and construction, but we realize it is just stuff, and it can all be fixed. 

We are so fortunate that we have a wonderful builder that gets to the problem right away and fixes it. They have been amazing.

So all is well at the Perdue cottage, and we are busily taking care of some of the issues, and calling for estimates for window coverings, more on that later.

We are still……

Enjoying The Process of:
Being new home owners.