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Saturday, March 10, 2012



It is no surprise to my readers that this girl loves the ocean!! Living in California I am very fortunate to live close enough to go on day trips, or weekend trips to beautiful places like Carmel California.

But, living in California is another reason I will not be buying a beach house. I spent my millions on other things like food, shelter and clothing.

Seriously, I do love the ocean and all it has to offer. As soon as I see the Monterey bay I take a deep sigh, and my breathing slows down, and I immediately relax.

Even though I know I will never live in a beach house in Carmel/Monterey  I still love to dream about owning one. I actually have a pinboard on Pinterest called Beach Elegance.

I love a bit of casual elegance in my designs so when I see a room that would fit  a beach home that has a touch of elegance, yet is comfortable and inviting, I do what any good pinner would do, I PIN it!!

Shall we go to my pretend beach house in Carmel/Monterey by the sea with it’s view of the Pacific ocean?

Welcome to my home, it is named….. 
“Dream Come True.” 

I have lots of hats on my hat rack just in case you forgot yours.

I think we could all enjoy relaxing in this family room.The only thing I would probably not have pictured is the coral throws and lobster pillows, that is just one step to far for me personally.

What a great way to slip a chair, a billowy soft sheer fabric.

The living room is still relaxed and comfy. This is one of my all time favorite rooms. The only thing I would change is to have a whole wall of windows to see the view better. I probably would not have any window treatments either, I love an open window!!

I will fix you wonderful meals in my nice open kitchen. I can see the ocean right outside the kitchen window over the sink. I will actually enjoy doing the dishes with a view like this.

Can you imagine having breakfast here every morning, and looking out the French doors at the ocean

Shall we go down the hallway to the bedrooms?……..

Here is the guest room where you will be staying……

You have a nice deck outside the french doors to enjoy the ocean view.

Of course you have your own private bathroom that also enjoys  your deck.

Another guest room is available if you  like it better you can stay in here, it is your choice…….

I have a bunkhouse for the children, they just love bunkbeds.

The master bedroom is down its very own separate hallway on the first floor, all other rooms are upstairs so they have their own private quarters……

We have a fireplace in our room, and at the end of the room is a seating area  with two chaise lounges in front of the French doors overlooking the ocean.

We can sit out here and visit……

If you need to take a nap here is a comfy spot …….

I think it is time to go for a walk on the beach…….

Source: heidiclaire.blogspot.com via Kathy Sue on Pinterest

Right by the back door in the kitchen I have your beach bags all ready for a day on the beach, sun hats included!!

Oh look there is a shell!…….

It is starting to get dark, we should probably head back to the house.

Surprise! A little something for you to enjoy!!!!!

It will be warm tonight so be sure and leave your window open so you can hear the ocean waves. There is nothing that will give you a good nights sleep like the ocean waves…..

Sweet Dreams!

BTW: Do you like a casual beach look, elegant beach look, or a Kitschy/cutesy beach look for your beach house? Inquiring minds would like to know!!