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Sunday, November 9, 2014

This Years Christmas Wreath and Porch Design

I know, I know, it is not even Thanksgiving yet, but you have to understand how much I love this entire Holiday season. 

For me it is one BIG season of family, food and decorating!!! Three things that I adore!!!!

When I start thinking about my holiday d├ęcor my thoughts kind of overlap, and go back and forth. 

Often times I try to use some of the same elements both for Thanksgiving, and  Christmas. This year is no exception.

Since my decorating usually starts on my front porch I thought I would share with you what I have been up to, and what my plans are.

It all started when I saw this……….♥♥♥


After I picked my jaw up from the floor I knew I had to try and duplicate this. 

I found it on Pinterest, and when I clicked on the link it took me to Martin Jobe designs, but I could not find this particular image. 

I want to give proper credit to whomever designed this spectacular piece, and thank them for inspiring my Christmas front porch for 2014!


The first step I had to take was to figure out the construction of the base.

I purchased an inexpensive  19 X 22 in. black rectangle frame from Michaels. (on sale of course)

I knew I would have to add a form for the pediment, and the bottom piece so foam blocks was the perfect choice.

My sweet hubby figured out a way to attach the blocks so they would be secure…..

P1140461 (600x800)

These babies are not going to go anywhere, tight and secure using an L-bracket.

Next I had to figure out the proportions of how high I wanted the pediment. One block was not high enough so I attached a second block with kabob skewers. (very technical.)


You will also notice that the entire frame has been wrapped in wire to hold the greenery in place. I will also use hot glue, but the wire will give it more stability.

I covered the entire frame with greenery…..

P1140458 (600x800)

I placed the greenery on my table according to sizes, and types so it would be easy for me to grab what I needed easily.

I like to call this my, organized mess!!


I have used all of my greenery, and I need more in order to make it look more lush. I also need larger pinecones for the finials top, and bottom, then it will be done!!!
P1140470 (466x800)

By golly I think it is going to work. It will hang on the outside of my door, but this helped me to see the level I need to hang it, and also how much I still need to fill in with more greenery.

P1140471 (800x600)
You can tell in this image that the finials need to be larger, and at this level the finial will be too high for the door to open. So that means a longer wreath hanger.

We found one on amazon that is adjustable to any height so that will be perfect for my needs……

wreath hanger

Getting more and more excited about 

The Holidays!!!

The next decision for the porch is to add the perfect pillow to sit in one of the two chairs on my front porch. 

I will also add red cyclamen to my planters that now have the white cyclamen, so it will be a nice mix of red and white.

Here is a mock-up of the elements for my front porch with a red pillow…….

Ribbet Edit 2014 Christmas porch red
I love the design in the pillow, and the pop of red and white, but I am afraid it looks a bit contrived, and obvious. Then I take another look and, it is happy and festive!!!

The blue pillow choice……..

Ribbet Edit 2014 Christmas porch blue
This feels calmer, more classic, and to be honest more Me. I have to admit the red is tugging at my heart, and the blue is tugging at my natural sensibilities.

Which would you choose?

BTW: After posting this post, and asking if anyone knew who made the pagoda shaped wreath, for sure! My reader Lisa sent me this link. Thank YOU, LISA!!
 It looks like they were guest on the Martha Stewart show.....

You can click here to see how they made the wreath with real greenery...