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Friday, February 13, 2015

Re-Inventing Today's Trends To Work For YOU!


In reading the trends for Spring 2015 I tried to look at each trend with an open mind. 

I love to study design for homes and for clothing. I have found to always keep an open mind in order to learn  something new. 

If after reading, and researching I find I truly do not like a certain style, or trend I can move on knowing I at least looked into it.

However there are some styles both in fashion, and in interiors  I have learned from life’s experiences, that will never darken my path.

A lesson I learned years ago is to not put myself in a box because we will never learn inside a box, no matter how pretty the box is wrapped. 

Of course my box is wrapped in black and white striped paper with a pretty loosely tied double faced satin bow! 

Sorry I got a little off track, I am a visual person as you well know!!Smile

A lesson I learned a long time ago, unbeknownst to friend of mine was  when she made a comment about one of my visits to Carmel, California.

She said, “Oh, I don’t like Carmel, I can’t afford to buy anything there, and all the shops seem so snobby!” 


I could hardly believe my ears, for one thing.....

 “The Pacific Ocean!”

You see, she taught me how closed off she was to learning, or experiencing new things all based on her idea of what she could afford to buy, or what she liked at the time.

A lesson I have learned in my lifetime is to venture outside my box so I can learn, and re-invent something to suit my style, or budget. 

If you never experience the sight of good design, or taste a wonderful new food, and  see beauty in new things, how will you ever be able to add it into your own life within your means?

This long explanation is to tell you that when I saw a particular element as an upcoming trend for Spring I did not poo-poo it because it is not in my Classic Preppy style.

I ventured out to see if there was a way I could, if I wanted, to incorporate it into my wardrobe.

I also thought of YOU, my reader, and how it might open up your eyes, or way of thinking to new possibilities in your own life.

This  is an element I have always associated with a bohemian design aesthetic. 

I am not bohemian in any shape, or form, but I have always admired the ease, and the edge  of the style on others.

So today my dear Readers we are going to live on the edge, literally and talk about………

Ribbet Edit FRINGE

Remember what I said about staying

If you are like me you probably associate FRINGE with a look that is something like this…..

Off The Runway: September Catalog Sneak Peek!
2015 Spring runways.

For a gal, like me that normally dresses like this…..

Ines de La Fressange Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2012 Ready To Wear - Giambattista Valli - Arrivals

How in the world could FRINGE ever come into my wardrobe?

Let me show you some pieces that I found that this Classic/Preppy girl would, and could wear…..


One similar in gray HERE!  In black HERE

black distressed skinny jeans; cream loose knit sweater; fringe scarf; snake skin flats

Fringe on a scarf without the torn jeans,  of course, that is one of those trends that I mentioned as never darkening my path. 

Most of my winter scarves have a fringe edge to them, and even some of my spring scarves. 

I already had fringe in my wardrobe and didn’t even realize it.

#DearTipster Rebecca pairing the harem pants with a short and sweet fringe knit jacket

You WON’T find me in dropped crotch pants, but I do admire this woman’s adventurous spirit in her dressing. 

Now, for the sweet little cardigan with fringe. I WOULD absolutely wear this with a plain white T-shirt or blouse and my jeans, no problem there!!

atlantic pacific tweed milly leopard peter pan black white such a cute outfit!
If this skirt were longer I would absolutely wear this entire outfit, hands down! Maybe I would wear it like this…..
"Fringed Skirt & Bag" by daiscat on Polyvore

You can find this skirt HERE and it is on sale right now!
Another look that I have coveted that has fringe, not the long version, but still fringe is a Chanelesque boucle jacket.

 I have not found the perfect one at the perfect price point for my budget yet, but it is always on my radar when perusing the web…….

ST. JOHN Metallic bouclé knit box jacket
Still looking!!!!


Pink is really on-trend this year and this cute little jacket would be a fun addition to anyone’s wardrobe.

Tassel shift dress

This is such a simple silhouette to wear, and it has that little extra something with the fringe tasseled ties.

Fringed hem sweater

This is a darling little pullover sweater that I would wear with white jeans, and some flats, or maybe my patent leather booties, and a simple bag. 

However I think this looks adorable on this young lady, sans the ripped jeans.

A one last thing, don’t forget your accessories, there are some darling pieces with fringe/tasslels out there.
Camille Color Block Wristlet by Mary Y Sol
I personally have a couple of long chained tassels, one as a gift and a couple I bought a couple of seasons ago. Keep your eyes open.

Gold Knot Necklace  Gold Knot Lariat Necklace  by MeadowsVintage
This is a vintage piece I found on Etsy.

If I have not convinced you to wear fringe yet? 

I am in hopes that I have at least opened your eyes to viewing things with an open mind, and imagination.

Try it, you will like how it opens up new things in your world!