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Thursday, February 4, 2010

One Of These Things Looks Like The Other!!

No!! You are not seeing double, but you are seeing Symmetry, one side matches the other!

Designed by Christopher Maya Inc.
I must admit I love symmetry. It is a comforting look to me.  When I see a vignette perfectly balanced it makes me feel like all is well with the world, or at least my world in the room.  I know in good design asymmetry is actually more interesting and less contrived.  Afterall, if you look out in nature you always see asymmetry and, let's face it, nature gives us the best designs of all.  I have always said God is by far the best designer.

I absolutely love the two urns in each window. The simplicity, texture and the natural green of the moss is very appealing and soothing to me.

Designer Jacqueline Derry Segura
This room has nice balance.  I love the symmetry on the console behind the sofa. What keeps this room from looking contrived is the arrangement on the ottoman.  It is asymmetrical and has wonderful interesting pieces with texture and shine.  Aren't the two side chairs interesting designs?

Designer Phoebe Howard
As far as I am concerned Phoebe Howard can do no wrong.  I absolutely love everything about her design aesthetics.  She does symmetry at its best- simple and elegant with lots of interest.  If I had to choose only one designer to describe what I love in design, it would be Phoebe Howard.  Don't you love the mirrored doors and the little golden feet on this chest. Did you notice the key holes and the beautiful texture of the herringbone floors?  I told you I really love Phoebe Howard.

Love this entry!  I think I might have used just a little bit larger scale lamps here.  I always love when there are two matching lamps on a console or mantle.  It just feels right to me!

You can only see a glimpse of the symmetry on each side of the mirror, but you can tell they are matched on both sides. The old glazing on the mirror reflecting the chandelier is stunning.

Love this dining room! Notice a lamp on each side of the Buddha statue and a  white chair on each side of the buffet?  Even down the middle on each side of the white urn there are the same configurations of elements. As much as I love this room, I think I would have not had the arrangement on the table runner quite as symetrical as it appears. 

The entrance into this hallway is treated in the same manner from side to side-simply and elegantly.

Designer Charlotte Moss for Veranda Magazine
Notice only two Ginger Jars on top of the armoire and not the normal three that is usually suggested as a guideline in design.  The reason it works so well here is because as you peek through the panels your eyes automatically center on the compositon, and the symmetry makes it all work.  Three would have just taken it in a whole other direction and would have made it appear more contrived and a bit overdressed.


Charlotte Moss for Veranda
Anothr beautifully designed room by Charlotte Moss. Two lamps on a console one of my favorite looks for a room.  I have to point out the wall treatment.  I am not sure if it is fabric or not, but it so interesting.  Do you see the outline of a casual check pattern bordering the more elaborate pattern which is framed by the green gimp? The gimp is why I think this just might be fabric.... lovely!

So, after seeing so much symmetry in the above rooms, are you comforted by accessories matching from side to side, or does it just feel too contrived to you? I would love to hear your opinions on if you gravitate towards symmetry or asymmetry? I will be doing a post in the near future giving examples of asymmetry, so stay tuned!

"Enjoy the Process" Of: Playing with Symmetry