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Monday, March 11, 2019



First I have to thank all of you wonderful readers and friends that have emailed me, messaged, or left comments here on my blog and on Facebook.  You all have reached out with so much love, compassion and heartfelt words, and most of all prayers for my beautiful blue eyed boy Dougie.

We have gone through a lot of hard times since I wrote last on my blog. The most recent was a hospitalization on an emergency basis for an infection. Two days in ICU and 4 more days in the hospital.

This left Dougie in a very weakened condition.So much so that we had to come to terms with how we want to move forward. We have had lots of heartfelt conversations over the last 8 months about life and death. 

We have tried very hard to stay open and honest with each other. We have laughed and we have cried together. Some difficult decisions have had to be decided along the way and recently the inevitable decision had to be made.

As difficult as it sounds it was the only decision that could be made at this point in time. Dougie and me,along with our boys decided that it is time for Hospice.

He is done, he is tired of fighting, and weary. We gave it all we could, and now it is time for us along with our family to have some peace and comfort.

This is a very intimate time for our family and we are praying for peace and love to surround this precious man that so deserves to feel nothing but comfort, peace and love.

He spent his life giving so much to his family and even at this time we are what he thinks of first. He is a selfless, precious child of God.

What has happened and been happening the last 8 months is heartbreaking, but what has BEEN for our whole life together, is beyond wonderful. We have had a life together that is beyond blessed and we are both so grateful for every single second.

So now we get to have some more precious moments and only God knows the appointed time of Dougies departure from my arms and into the arms of Jesus.