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Saturday, May 8, 2010

My MOM!!

Mother And Child Silhouette Clip Art

My Mom, Wow! Where do I even begin. As soon as I start to write about her I get big tears in my eyes. Not sad tears but overwhelming loving tears.

 I was a fifties child and Mom was the quintessential  fifties Mom. We were the typical family of that era. Dad worked Mom stayed home with us kids. We had a house a car and a dog. Life was pretty good!! Little did I know that it was more than pretty good.

 Since I have grown up and have become a Mother I can look back and realize it was great! You see we had everything we materially needed but more importantly we had a love from my Mom that I can hardly describe into words.

 Mom had the ability to show me the kind of love we all hope to have in our lives. You know the kind of love someone gives you freely without any strings attached. The kind of love that is unconditional. I knew without a doubt that I was loved. I also was made to feel that I could do anything I set my mind to do, and I would always have my Mom by my side as my most faithful fan.

Above all the things she gave me, the greatest gift was that I knew she loved me no matter what. Her love is still that way today. I am so blessed to still have my Mom in my life and you know what? She is still my biggest fan!

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! I love you big bunches,

Cobalt Blue

I love the color cobalt blue! I especially love it mixed with white in porcelain pieces. It always looks so classic to me. A blue and white porcelain piece in a room seems to elevate the room somehow. I do have to mention that I bought the most amazing, cute cobalt patent leather flats for Spring. I am sorry I digressed!!  I think cobalt combined with a bright pink is amazing. I have a collection of rooms that have incorporated the color cobalt so I thought I would share some of these lovely images………..
Be still my heart!! Just look at that gorgeous wallpaper. I love the symmetry in this room. Notice the silver metal pedestal tables with the unexpected  lamps . The high gloss white mirror is wonderful placed on the wallpaper. I love this room!
0ddb7b3ba01b[1]All neutral and white and then the pop of the cobalt on the table, how pretty.
Notice how the cobalt is sprinkled (a technical design term) around the room. I think it makes this room come alive!!
This bathroom is a wonderful design in of itself and then they had the genius to add just one splash of color in cobalt!!
994dae021014[1 Johnathon Adler]
This room done by Johnathon Adler shows just a touch of cobalt. It shines in the room with the beautiful apple green sofa. Blue and green are smashing together.
e3a2dcc69b0d[1]You would have to LOVE cobalt to have a room like this. I find I prefer white with a touch of cobalt. Love the Greek Key pillows and that rug is amazing.
85d51339646c[1] This room is more to my liking I love all the white with the touch of the cobalt in the rug and settee. Notice how they also have a different blue/gray on the wall and the table lamp. It looks to me as if you can mix blues and it still is lovely.
Cobalt is introduced in a big way in this oversized art. Good styling here. Look at the coffee table book, just a hint of the cobalt and black to correspond with the painting and its frame. It is all in the details.
I found this room interesting. Not sure if it is to my taste but still interesting. I love the textures going on here. The old armoire with its chippy paint and then the sleek cobalt mirror. The straight lines of the chairs with what almost looks as if they are wearing a bright fuchsia shawl. Just interesting!
349071bfdad0[1] Cobalt tiles and knobs on the stove. Martini glasses on the shelves and just a peek of a cookbook with cobalt in it’s spine. I also like the bold contrast of the golden yellow with the cobalt. What a nice punch of color.
cobalt blue
A touch of cobalt with your gray. This is stunning!
I like to add cobalt in the summer to give a cool look for our hot summers. The following are pictures of my touches of cobalt that I use in my home…….
Summer changes 019 (780x800)
This is on the end of my mantle. Notice that I also add books in cooler colors.
Summer changes 021 (800x600)
Summer changes 025 (800x600)
As you can see a touch of cobalt makes an area look cool and fresh. Blue and white porcelain is always a classic and can be purchased at high or low price points. Do you have touches of cobalt in your home? Where do you use it, as a main color or an accent? If not I hope that this inspires you to add a little cobalt to an area in your home.
“Enjoy the Process” Of: Thinking of ways to add Cobalt to your color scheme.”