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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bubbling Water

Is there any sound that is as soothing as bubbling water in a water feature? I love the sound of a fountain whether it is a soft trickle of water or more of a splashing sound of water. I just like the sound of moving water. I also love to watch it. In fact one of my favorite things to do is to watch the sprinklers water my lawn. I love the simple pleasures of life.
Now back to the bubbling water. I know ponds, waterfalls, fountains are nothing new, but sometimes we cannot afford the time or the money for these more elaborate projects. I went browsing in cyber land to find some smaller but more doable water features to inspire you.
I am sure you have all seen this done before. It is really an easy process to make one of these fountains out of a favorite ceramic pot. What I love about this set-up is the way they put it in a cut-out in the brick patio with succulents. I know that succulents are big right now and I thought this was a great look for succulents with the addition of the water feature. I like the way the green of the fountain keeps the natural look of the planter going.
This is a different take on the vessel fountain. Instead of keeping it upright they slanted it so the water becomes more of a waterfall affect.

This is another vessel fountain. Instead of one fountain head they have used three with extenders and placed flat stones on top creating a rain affect. I bet this sounds wonderful.
This is definitely not in the weekend project category since it involves a structure. I like the inspiration of the three vessels being used. I think when anything is in mass it is so much more dramatic. So maybe three vessel fountains would work somewhere in your yard.
This is probably the simplest of all the bubblers. A simple pot surrounded by greenery bubbling away. What a wonderful, cool look for a flower bed.
If you are interested in a quick weekend project here is a website that will show you how easy it is to make a bubbler like the one pictured above. Here is another website that also shows the equipment you will need for your bubbler.
“Enjoy the Process” Of: Adding the sound of water to your yard.