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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

If I Were Kate Spade!!! I would……

If I were Kate Spade I would……….Let me start from the beginning.

It all started with this dress!……..

1 (325x407)
Does this look like Spring or what? I love, love this dress and I must say if I were younger and thinner, I think this would be hanging in my closet. Okay maybe not younger, but I definitely would need to be thinner. However  that is a whole other show!

2 (320x306)
Back to what I was saying. It all started with this dress and I started thinking that if I were Kate Spade, “What are some of the things that I would have in my life that look very Kate Spade-ish to me?”

If I were Kate Spade I would look for a house in a town that looked like this……

1 (550x400)

My house would definitely have one of these in my back yard…….

2 (554x482)

I would also have to have one of these in my backyard …..

I would of course have lots and lots of colorful flowers so I would be spending lots of time in here………..

After cutting and potting my colorful flowers I would make one of these for inside my colorful home……

Of course I would have to share some of my lovely, colorful flowers with my neighbors, so I would  hop on one of these and go visiting………

All above images via Pinterest and Google Images

I had so much fun pretending to be Kate Spade and think in Technicolor.

I thought this might bring a Spring smile to your face!!

“Enjoy the Process!” Of:

Thinking in bright rainbow colors!!


Monday, March 28, 2011

NON-Color Spring Decor!!




adj \ˈhwīt, ˈwīt\

Definition of WHITE

a : free from color

White is a non color according to the dictionary and yet we are all in love with the freshness it can give to a room.

Now that Spring has officially arrived it is a wonderful element to add to our decor to liven and freshen up our homes for the up-coming Spring Season.
White is an easy non-color to add to any home. I thought I would show you  some fun Spring/Easter ideas in all white.

3 (323x400) (323x400)
3 (323x400)
Just a few well placed white elements keeps this mantle light and airy. I like the fun addition of the paper ribbon chain.  This would be a fast and simple way to get your home ready for Easter.

1 (188x268) (188x268)
via apartment therapy (467x700) I think a group of these sitting on a shelf or a mantle with simple white votives would look amazing. I love when something is done in mass. Keep in mind garden ornaments look wonderfully textural when brought inside. I have two large cement urns holding ferns on my mantle. The urns are very heavy and meant for outside but I love the way they look on my white mantle.

untitled (400x400) (400x400)

Simple white pillows that have been stenciled and embroidered with a bunny silhouette makes a perfect vignette.

3 (400x300)

 6 (360x450)
White daffodils and variations of white eggs in simple pedestal bowls is a wonderful fresh take on Spring decor.

5 (289x400)I fell in love with this arrangement. I love the simplicity of the common white egg in mass. This is stunning and simplicity at its best.

If you like the idea of using all white eggs I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought it was worth sharing with my readers……… 
2 (468x312) (468x312)
How about adding texture with a texture medium or I wonder if white glue would work and then paint over it with paint. I think a bowl full of these textured eggs would be fantastic. A beautiful rough textured dark woven basket with white eggs would also be great.

untitled (300x300)
1 (300x300)
Spring doesn’t always have to be full of color, sometimes simple white will say just enough.

Can you see yourself doing an all white table for this year’s Easter table?

"Enjoy The Process" Of:

Using all white for your Easter/Spring decor!


Friday, March 25, 2011

Playroom Update

I had a blogging friend ask me if she had missed the reveal of the playroom yesterday.
I reassured  her that she had not missed anything yet. I am still working on the final phase.

Here is what is left to do or to decide on:
  1. Paint for the letter “P”, yes dear friends the “P” still has not been painted.
  2. Molding to go around the window.
  3. Hang curtain.
  4. Caulk and touch-up paint.
  5. Add something to the baskets (it’s a secret)
  6. Tweak shelves.
  7. Visit the idea of an area rug after everything is in place.
  8. Look at possibilities for one more element for the walls.
  9. Fine one more set of storage bins for the shelves.

I had purchased dark turquoise pails for toy storage but they just did not look right to me. I know that they looked good, but they just were not quite right. You know how something just feels off and you can’t quite put your finger on it. That is how the pails were sitting with me, just off. I am now experimenting with different colors and types of storage bins.

I can only show you this much because I don’t want to reveal too much right now. You can see they actually look good, but when I looked into the room that is all I saw, not all the other  elements that are marrying well to each other.

Below is an image of the fabrics, paint and the turquoise pails just to give you the rest of the puzzle pieces. The wall color is Lemon Grass by Martha Stewart.

Play room progress 003 (480x640)
PAINT 003 (600x800)
PLAYROOM fabric combos boy girl 008 (600x800)PLAYROOM fabric combos boy girl 004 (600x800)
So my dear readers that is my update on where we are at as of today in the playroom. I am looking on-line today for some storage options, wish me luck!!!

“Enjoy The Process” Of:

Making progress on a project around the house.


Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Spring Bucket List!

I am making some progress on the decisions for my Easter table. I have decided on the color scheme………..

1 (483x608)

My table will be sporting some of this fabric………………..

7 (500x400)
Laekitha from the “Home To Three Duncan Boys” blog was so kind to find this fabric for me. After reading my last blog post she left me a comment with the website. I ordered it this morning!!

 Don’t you just love the blogging community?!! Thank you Laekitha!! Be sure and visit her blog(HERE) and tell her Kathysue sent you by!

The next element is this darling metal birds nest from My Sparrow stylish responsibility. You can go to their website (HERE)

They have some amazing items that would be fun for a springtime table or for any season for that matter. Be sure and take a look. You won’t be disappointed.
6 (330x328) 

I thought the metal nest would look great in one of the galvanized French flower buckets I plan on using……………

5 (399x400)
It will be tall and dramatic!! I will remove it from the table when we sit down to eat.I think it will look nice on the bar where the food will be displayed. Or at least that is my plan today!!! You all know how things can change along the way. At least I have my base going now for all the final details. My mind better get busy!!!

I thought it would be fun to look at some inspiration I have in my files using galvanized pieces on tables.

A Spring Bucket List.....

The images you are about to view are for inspiration. There is something that spoke to me in each picture. Whether it is the size, shape, color or texture they made me think creatively about my own project. Just because an image isn’t exactly what you have in mind, never close off the possibilities it has to offer.

1 (267x267)

4 (150x150)

1 VIA ANN SAGE (366x478)
via Anne Sage

5 (300x400) (300x400)

3 (300x300)
The soft palette of colors used is so appealing.

4136_040809_irishmosscenterpiece_l (225x281)
I love the texture of the moss in the bucket with the sweet birds nest.

200803150232 (500x500)
Simple and yet very effective.

2 (675x505)
The mix of the metal and terra cotta is interesting to me.

1 (300x270)
Different sizes and shapes makes for a nice grouping.

2 (328x464)
I love the textures in this image. The addition of the straw baskets and wood makes for a nice mix.

3 (217x295)

4 (320x240)
8 (220x300)

6 (236x320)
Even after using buckets on the table they can be useful elsewhere.

9 (400x400)
I like the white Gerbera daisy with the color of the metal.

10 (580x587)
Turned upside down and used as lifts for food is a great idea.

untitled (196x300)
I really like this concept. I would not use the same fruit, yet it does inspire me. Think of Mr. McGregors garden, carrots and cabbage maybe some grass all the food little Easter bunnies would love to see. Now there is an idea for you.

My mind is spinning. How about yours? Are you getting any ideas for your own Easter table yet?

“Enjoy the Process” Of:

Looking for ideas and using unusual pieces for your centerpieces.


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

So Many Choices So Little Time

In choosing a color scheme for Spring/Easter decor the color combinations are endless. I have narrowed my choices down to two possibilities this year. Pink and white or bright yellow and white.

In my searching and looking at other images I have saved in my files I found so many beautiful combinations. Since I am not going to use these combinations this year unless something drastically changes my mind(we creative types can be fickle little decorators) I thought I would share what I have found and maybe you might find something that inspires you.

Shall we begin"?!

securedownloadCARW9ZM2 (512x652)

securedownload[11] (524x652)
This combination reminds me of orange sherbet icecream. Repetition of form and colors is so affective, don’t you think? This could be done in any color combination that you like.
securedownloadCA0L6AE0 (524x652)
Egg cups seem to be a Martha Stewart favorite for Easter.

securedownloadCA4DWLB0 (512x652)
This is just bright and fun. Simple ribbon wrapped around a plain square vase makes for a great base. I can see multiples of these running down a table with a mirror runner and lots of votive candles.

securedownloadCA61MDOE (512x652)
Instead of eggs as an element what about beautiful white shells with Spring flowers and moss.

securedownloadCATBIXAB (652x652)
I found this last year and it is still one of my favorites. I love the use of the wood element holding the eggs.

securedownloadCAC0Z9GH (524x652)
More egg cups from Martha with just little sprigs of grass. Now anyone could do this. How about putting guest names on the eggs and use these as place cards.

securedownloadCARJZ9XO (512x652)
Nothing says spring like birds, so why not a bird cage. Notice the little nest in the corner.

securedownloadCA58UF5X (622x652)
I see jelly beans in my head when I look at these fun candle holders. I believe Pottery barn had these a few years back. An abundance of these going down the table as a runner with baskets of grass and brightly colored eggs inside would be so fun and festive.

securedownloadCATZH1W8 (652x652)
It does not take a lot of money or flowers to make a festive table setting. Simple every day bowls full of brightly colored eggs make a fun centerpiece. If you don’t have a colorful table cloth just add some brightly colored ribbons.

securedownloadCAUB2Q27 (512x652)
My friend Eddie Ross showed how to make these amazing flower balls on his blog. They seem so simple to do and something fun to do with flowers other than putting them in a vase. Eddie is so clever and does some amazing table settings. Be sure and visit his blog HERE to learn how to make a beautiful flower globe. He is a wonderful teacher.

securedownloadCAUW4GCC (512x652)
Simple cans spray painted soft pastels to hold flowers look so pretty here.

2 (200x208)
Purple, turquoise and pink make an interesting color combination.

5 (342x400)
An array of different ways to use eggs.

14 (400x274) 
I really liked this color combination.

12 (300x250)
All different white vases with tightly made bouquets are so pretty.

13 (300x400)

untitled (639x548)
Lavender and a soft green are so pretty together.
Do any of these color combinations give you any ideas for your own Easter table?
Enjoy the Process”Of:

Looking at the different possibilities for your Easter table.