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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A FASHION POST: PINK Is On My Radar For Fall

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 It was just a couple of weeks ago I told a very good friend of mine I want more pink in my life.

 Three days later I got the J.Crew catalog, and it was covered in PINK!!

 Then I got my House Beautiful magazine and it's cover was  in PINK!!!

To say I was happy to see that wardrobe and decor magazines will be featuring PINK for Fall is an understatement. I am usually wanting a color that is not on trend and hard to find so this was all a very welcomed sight for me!

Most people don't associate pink with Fall, but let's think outside the box a little and get adventurous!

With pink in mind I had already started sourcing some ideas for my Fall wardrobe. Let me show you some of the things I have found so far.

Since it is for Fall/Winter I started looking at some coats first. I am really crushing on this first coat. I actually had a coat very similar about 42 years ago. A classic always works.....

Product Image, click to zoom:

On a more casual practical note, this would be great for when we go to the Beach...

Product Image, click to zoom

How about this darling boucle jacket? I have been looking for a boucle jacket at a good price point and this fits the bill. 

I wouldn't wear it with the dress, it looks a little matronly to me. However I would definitely wear this with a white t-shirt and a pair of great jeans and soft taupe or gray booties for Fall.......



We have to have sweaters for the Fall and Winter months and I found two that I love from Boden, which is a catalog I love and always find things I like there.

Grace Button Sweater:

This first sweater has some great detailing with it's side button closures. Anytime you can find an article of clothing with a special detail it makes the style value go up.

Grace Button Sweater WV094 Knitted Sweaters at Boden:
Notice how she has two buttons un-buttoned. A little more stylish and a fun way to wear it!! 

Cashmere Crew Neck Sweater WV016 Knitted Sweaters at Boden:
I am really crushing on this sweater, it has the two colors I want to add to my Fall wardrobe, pink and yellow/saffron! This is a win-win in my book. I just might ask for an early birthday gift!!

Now let's get to the bottom of things!
(sorry I could not resist a little humor)

Twickenham 7/8 Pant WM418 Pants at Boden:    
 As I said before whenever you find a special detail on clothing it brings the style value up a notch. I love the tuxedo stripe on these blush pink pants.

I can't do a fashion post without talking about a few accessories!

I am in love with this little ballet flat and I am just about ready to click on the BUY button!! Classic and pretty, plus comfy!!

  Cleo Flat Point:
Neutrals with pink! You can't go wrong with this classic shoe in this combination!!
Women's Foldover Clutch - Who What Wear ™ : Target:

If you want to just wear a touch of pink with a neutral outfit or just jeans and a sweater in a neutral a simple clutch bag in a neutral and blush combo is the way to go.

All of the above pieces are pieces I actually would purchase and some of them I am really wanting enough to hit the BUY button.

On a side note:
Pink can tend to be a very feminine and sweet color to wear. I love pink, however I am very aware to not wear anything overly floral, ruffly or sweet at my age. There comes a point when wearing overly sweet clothing at a certain age will just AGE us, so pick classic lines and pieces when wearing pink.

Enjoy Wearing Pink For Fall/Winter!!