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Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday’s Question of The Day!!!

This is the first in what I hope to have as a weekly series. I am asking my readers to email me questions that they want to ask about things to do with our lives, homes, beauty, fashion, children etc. I will then do this weekly post. You will remain anonymous, only your question will be posted.

The answers will come from YOU, my readers, by writing a comment. I of course will also contribute to the answers if I have an answer to the question.

Shall we begin?

Our very first question is:

My question today is what do we do with all the family photographs in boxes, drawers etc. that didn't make it to the photo albums?

 My answer:
I have a friend that seems to have a really good handle on her photographs. Every year in January she takes her photos, and puts the best ones of every one in a photo album. The pictures that are good but not necessarily album worthy she goes through those and sorts out the best and puts them in a box with the year marked on it. The others are discarded. This seems to have worked quite well for her over the years.

Notice I did not say what I do with mine, because it is also a problem for me.

Now it is up to you, dear readers, to give your answers in the comments.

Thank you ahead of time for participating!! This is fun!!!

“Enjoy the Process” Of:

Helping out fellow bloggers by giving them your input!!


Remember to send me your questions  to:
Subject: Friday’s Question of The Day!