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Sunday, November 13, 2016

My 2016 Christmas Decor Plans

 I have gone through the planning process for this years Christmas decor and I am looking forward to begin the decorating. However I will wait until Thanksgiving is over.

 I start a little early in order to give me enough time to order samples of any pillow fabric or wrapping paper and ribbon I might be using. 

The samples have come and the orders have taken place so now I can share with you what I decided on this year.

In my planning process the very fist step I do is start perusing Pinterest for inspiration. I pin what I am attracted to and usually a color scheme will start emerging.  

Just to give you an idea of the process, I pinned over 100 pins to come up with this overall scheme. It takes time and patience, but it is a process I love to do.

This year was no exception, the color scheme started to emerge. Keep in mind when pinning that you are pinning color combinations that you like, as you can see in the above images they are not always Christmas scenes, but books, a wedding boutonniere, a flower , a wedding..


 It always amazes me how this evolution takes place. If we go with our instincts a design plan will emerge.

I want to use eucalyptus green in my decor this year and the navy and white are perfect partners with this color scheme.

Once I pin enough images I make a collage to see which elements will work nicely together. 

The wreath you see in the middle of the collage is a long time favorite of mine, by Martha Stewart. 

I have wanted to make this for several years, but it did not quite fit into my plans, but this year it is perfect for my plans.

The wrapping paper I will be using this year as my Ta-da papers are coming from spoonflower. I like to order a couple of Wow papers to add to my mix.

This first paper is actually eucalyptus, how cool is that? The leaves are just the right colors for my overall design scheme. 

This is going to be beautiful with a navy double face satin bow, or a beautiful silver satin ribbon.


Here is a basket of my ribbons, and I will be adding some silver to the mix this year along with my signature black and white stripes....

The next pattern I chose to add to the mix features more navy, but still has the green that is needed...


For those of you who have been following along with my blog, you know my signature gift wrap is a black and white awning stripe and it is always in the mix and this year is no exception....

I will be adding a solid shimmering silver paper to the mix. It is nice to always have something reflective and sparkly under the tree.


Once I knew that eucalyptus green and navy were the two main base colors, I started searching for some pillows that would add to this mix.

This first pillow I am showing you felt like it was a MUST, not just for Christmas, but for the entire Fall/Winter season, it just works so well in my home with the other colors and patterns I use.

Once I got the sample the green was a bit brighter, but it is still perfect and the navy background is also just what I needed.

I had a few others in the mix as you can see in the above inspiration collage, but in the end three made the cut.

I like to add a bit of whimsy, or somewhat of a theme, or words so this next pillow seemed simple enough for my design aesthetic, and just the right colors, and theme..

I just received it a couple of days ago and to say I am pleased is an understatement. All the colors are spot on and work beautifully in my room. It is a wool hand hooked pillow, simple and festive. I think it helps set the mood.

This next pillow was a shoe-in, nothing says Christmas like a Tartan plaid. 

This particular plaid was the right scale and colors for the other two pillows. They all work well together. 

I think with my blue ticking sofa these will fit the bill nicely.

All the planning is done, and now for the execution to make this all happen!!!

I am almost ready to start my Falalaing For This Holiday Season!!!