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Friday, September 3, 2010


Since I have made my list of ways that I like to bring Fall into my home I thought I would go down that list and do a few posts on the different elements. So far I have done one on cutting boards and candles. Today I would like to talk about baskets.

I love the texture baskets can bring into a room. They also are usually in a warm color that will be perfect for a fall/winter touch in your home. They can be decorative, but often times they are also a great way to store clutter. I have a collection of images to show some interesting uses of baskets in a home.
I love this image!! It actually has a few of the elements that I have on my Fall list like leaf prints, lantern, candles and, of course, baskets. I love the fact that this vignette is neutral and light but still offers a warm textural look.

Simple, yet very effective.
color outside the lines Artie John Jacob Zwiegelaar 
Artie from Color Outside the Lines did a post on designer Jacob Zwieglaar. I am in love with this designer's design aesthetic. It is light and airy with touches of black and white. He always seems to use wonderful textures and live plants which give the room a pop of green.  I Like the idea of little shades inside the lantern- what a cute touch!

Image from Completely Coastal. Baskets, candles and lanterns!! All on my list.
cooking clutter
What a great way to corral cooking clutter.
I have used this picture before as a wonderful example in the use of texture. Brick floor, clear shiny lamp, smooth wood desk, rough basket weave. This is a perfect Fall vignette for me. Leaf prints, candle, baskets and books.
I am showing this picture because of the blinds. Although they are not technically a basket they do remind me of a basket weave. Think about taking down curtains or other blinds and put up a simple bamboo shade to add a texture and warmth for the fall. I also like the touch of leopard in this room. I add just a touch to my family room in the fall.

entry shoe holder
This is another of my all time favorite rooms or, in this case, entry. How about a huge basket to put shoes that are left at the door?
hanging storage
A fun hanging storage idea.
lelas lettered cottage
Layla’s kitchen from the Lettered Cottage. Adding the baskets made this already wonderful kitchen that much more interesting.
Martha Stewart
More hanging storage ideas. This time from Martha Stewart.
lighting 2
An upside down basket hanging light, great texture.

Great idea for storage. Image from La Dolfina blog.
nate berkus
Room by Nate Berkus
A simple basket on the wall. Image Apartment Therapy
herb holder
Instead of a ceramic pot for herbs why not use a basket instead.
These wicker covered bottles are all the rage right now and can be purchased at places like Pottery Barn. They bring a wonderful shape and texture to a room. I really like how they used them as a flower vase.
More storage. Look at the wonderful over sized bread board on the counter top. I love, love, love this!!!
Baskets, and notice the window treatment. Love this room. The little touch of black just makes this room for me.

I must leave you with one last picture. Using animal antlers is all the rage this season in the decor magazines and in catalogs. Well, now you can be the proud owner of wicker horns sold by Ballard designs.
How about that for some texture? All kidding aside, if you would like to read a wonderful post about the use of antlers, faux and real go to Vignette Designs where Delores has written a wonderful post.

I hope that seeing all of these wonderful baskets has given you some inspiration to add some baskets to your Fall decor.

Where do you think you could add a basket or two? I am seriously thinking about some wicker shades for lamps and I would love a coffee table that is a storage basket with wonderful patina.

“ Enjoy the Process” Of:
Adding texture to your Fall decor with the addition of baskets.

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