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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Can You Help A Girl Out?

As you all have read on my blog I am about to make some changes in my master bedroom.

These changes are somewhat welcomed, but not totally. I know most of you probably think I must be nuts, too not be excited about getting a new piece of furniture.

After all, it is not as if I get a new bed every day. In fact this will be our third bed, and by bed I mean the actual bed not the mattress.

We are upgrading to a Cal-king bed instead of a queen.

Where the problem lies is in the fact that I love my room just the way it is except we do need a bigger mattress to sleep more comfortably.( Yes, I am a snorer!)

I am actually duplicating the bedding that I have now with Pottery Barn’s Grand Hotel bedding in Sandalwood. The sandalwood color is a wonderful compliment to the wood frame of my new headboard, and foot board.

To refresh your memory here is a picture of a bed that is very similar to what I am getting, but mine has a foot board and the headboard is slightly curved at the top.  

This bed is from Wisteria and mine is from Ethan Allen. The wood is very similar to the wood on this frame and I even have a cream bachelors chest as one of my nightstands

This bed has a natural linen inset and my bed will have a cream linen inset to pull the cream from the other furniture in the room.

Now this is where I have a problem, and where I hope you all can help a girl out.

I also have to get new sheets.  I like them to be soft, and almost have that worn out feel, you know how wonderfully soft they get right before your big toe goes through the sheet, and shreds it?

I have another problem, they need to be very pale blue. I have a set of white sheets, but I need a set of pale blue also.

My question is: What sheets do you love that are at a reasonable price point, and have an extremely soft hand?

One more semi-problem: A couple of my friends that have King sized beds have told me I will need enough pillows on the back of the bed to make it look full, and fluffy. It has been suggested that I use three Euro’s with two pillows in front of those. 

The dilemma is: I am not sure I want three Euro’s. I like my stacked pillows so I am seriously thinking of using two kings on the bottom and two standard size pillows on top of that, or just two kings stacked.

I know I will probably be able to tell better once the bed gets here, but I am  a planner. I like a clean uncluttered look so too many pillows kind of unnerves me.

There you have it, I need sheets!! Do I get three Euros or go with the stacked pillow look?

Please give me your opinions I need your help!!