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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

An OLD Love That Is A NEW Love Again!


Do you ever find yourself in love with a past love? I do!!

At least in design elements that is! I actually had to make a pinboard on Pinterest called…….


The reason I have a board named this, is I was finding myself drawn to things  that I have had in my home in the past, but have fallen in love with them again.  

All of this explanation to introduce you to an old/new element I am considering adding into my home for the summer months.

You all know how I love to change out my accessories for the seasons!! In the summer we all think of water and the beach, or at least I do.

Now that my family room has more neutral elements I will have an easier time changing out things.

This element has a theme, and I usually don’t  do thematic rooms  so I have to do it with restraint.


I know you have probably already guessed it was a sail boat by all of the above images. Years ago our family room actually had some nautical elements in it's design.

This time around I am only going to add a couple of nautical elements with a nod to the ocean. 

I try not to do kitschy, so you won’t be seeing any flip-flop images on my walls or, Let’s go to the Beach signs.

(One of my all time favorites by Sarah Richardson)

Since I prefer a casual, understated, elegant look I am going to stick with a pretty large sailboat. ( I am a big is better, less is more gal.)

I  think I have the perfect spot for a sail boat…..

This console table sits on the back wall in my family room, behind the blue ticking sofa. I think a large sailboat will look perfect sitting here.

I will only have to make a few small changes in my room to add this element, which is a very good thing, since I just re-did the room, and still have a few finishing touches to add.

Now to find the perfect candidate!!

I am on the hunt so if any of you have a good source let me know!!