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Monday, September 16, 2013

"OUT" With Summer "IN" With Fall


Yesterday I saw my first falling leaves from the sycamore tree behind my backyard fence.

Once I see leaves falling I know Fall is officially on its way.

What does any design enthusiast do when the seasons start to change?

Does the phrase, “Out With The Old In With The New?” ring a bell?

So OUT went my Summer pillows…..

Summer pillows 001a (768x1024)
I will miss your crisp, cool feel that you added to my family room, dear sweet summer pillows.

 IN came my Fall/Winter pillows……

Fall mantel 004 (600x800)ribbit

To bring in more warmth in the room for up-coming cooler months I add a touch more black, and texture to my room.

The fabric  is a heavy linen/cotton combination with varying blues, and just a touch of black in the stripe.

I always bring in the new pillows first, when making changes,because they will set the tone for the other changes I make in the room.

 OUT goes the Summer sofa pillow…….

Summer pillows 006 b(1024x768)
I will miss your simplicity dear Summer pillow, see you next year!

I need more texture and warmth for the up-coming cooler months, so IN comes my Fall/Winter pillows……..

Fall mantel 009 (800x600)ribbit
The two side pillows are a lovely embroidered linen from Schumacher called Nurata Embroidery in the color Lapis. You can find it HERE!

These two pillows are welted and backed in the same heavy linen as the center pillow. I added a heavier than normal linen for a warm textural feel in my room.

Fall mantel 007 (800x600) ribbit
I am such a fan of the Greek Key pattern, as you can tell from my blog header. I am so pleased to be able to use it in my family room.

Here is a collage of all the main patterns in the room. I did this collage before I ever purchased any of the fabrics. You can see the touch of black in the striped pillows that I used in my white chairs.

winter look_thumb[5]ribbit
Next on the agenda will be my mantel!
To be continued………

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