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Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Saga of the Porch Continues

My porch saga continues. In my exuberance to be Miss Clean Jeans I washed the cushions for my chairs. Before I washed them I repaired some stitching that had come loose. Now remember I know how to sew but it is not something I like to do at all nor do I have a sewing machine. I mended them by hand, washed them and they came out of the wash pretty well. I was very pleased, but being anxious to get the porch put back together I dried them. Mistake!!! They shrunk and now they are not the right size for the chairs. This would not be a big deal but these cushions are round not the ordinary square cushion. I need 19” round cushions in a natural color. I have looked all over and I can not find ready- made in that size. This is starting to become the Never Ending Story!! Oh I almost forgot, I also bought a rug. It is a jute rug with a  simple black pattern.  Most would probably have liked it but I am the girl that likes things to be a little understated and the pattern just felt too busy. So, now I need two new cushions and a rug. Will this ever end? Do you ever start a project with great enthusiasm only to be stopped by snags in your plans. I can compromise but not on the over-all look. I will wait until  I can get what I had in mind when I started the whole project.
I do want to share with you a web-site that I found that will make outdoor cushions to your specifications here. They are actually pretty reasonable, especially when you can specify size,shape and fabric. I think I am going to bite the bullet and just order them.(only problem they take 2-3 wks. to get) If anyone knows of 19in. ready-made, round cushions in a natural color(Off white), Please let me know. I will leave you with some pictures of some fun cushion combinations I found..........
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