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Monday, August 19, 2013

How Observant Are You?

Details in a room are like wearing the perfect accessories with your outfit. They can make or break the room. 

Sometimes they are subtle, and sometimes they speak loudly in the room, but without them the room would just be ordinary.

Today we are going to look at some details that I think would add a little extra something to any room, or home. 

Some you could apply in your own home and others will just make you think, and hopefully inspire you.

stunning, love the black with all white trim, fabulous bannister and the transom over the door, the shutters and the molding above windows.
What caught my eye in this image was the X motif in the bannister. Without that one detail the bannister railing would just be boring, with it, it becomes an outstanding feature.

The molding above the windows give some importance to the windows, and the storm shutters outline the windows beautifully.

The lanterns, and using an all black and white color scheme really makes this home a standout!

incorporate bulkhead
If you have dropped kitchen cupboards, and hate the empty space above your cabinets this detail is just for you. The homeowner used stacked moldings to fill in the space beautifully.

Charcoal with brass keyhole covers is what makes this a stand-out piece
This is such an easy detail to add, a brass keyhole in a dresser drawer. Brass with charcoal is so stunning, and this one little detail elevates this piece of furniture to a whole new level.

Colour blocking around archway.
I found this next element quite interesting, instead of moldings they just painted a large portion surrounding the doorway to give it some color and importance. Very interesting indeed.

picture arrangement, notice how it follows the curves of the bed. Now this is what I call paying attention to the details in a room.

This image shows the designer is all about detail. Subtle as it may be to some, it really caught my eye.

Notice how the form of the gallery of pictures mimics the outline of the canopy on the bed. Now, this is attention to detail.

Look at your own rooms and see if you have subtle details that really make your room a well designed room. Or is it lacking any outstanding details to give the room that Wow factor.

I study images to see all the hidden details in a room to further my knowledge in design. That is one of the many things I love about design, I am always on the learning curve.


Speaking of, “DETAILS!” I am joining 23 other bloggers in a Kitchen tour  Thursday and Friday of this week, so be sure and come back. I will be showing my kitchen on Friday!

We will be showing you the, “DETAILS,” of our kitchens. This should be fun and informative for all of us…..
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