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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Let There Be LIGHT!!

After we take down all the green of Christmas usually the lights go with it. One more thing to make our homes feel a bit dull and drab.

I like to keep a little glow going in my home, how about you?

You already know I love all my little votives throughout my home. I add some to my kitchen window sill and other areas that I seem to be at for long periods of time.

I also have a ficus tree in my living room and in my family room. I am going to add my Christmas lights to their branches. I use to have lights in them all year long and eventually took them down. I think this year the lights will go back up on the ficus.

Uplights are another great source of glow. I use those in dark corners behind plants and furniture.

I gathered a few pictures of other ways to use lights so you all can keep the glow going in your homes too.

6 (333x500)
A very large oversized jar filled with lights sitting by the door. What a nice warm glow to greet you when you come in the door. Not necessarily just for Christmas.

5 (3) (300x357) (300x357)
I know you all remember this look from one of my Christmas post! Instead of using these in mass on a mantel why not try one by itself on a table or a couple on a book shelf? Just  a little glow in the room is nice.

8 (475x475)
Demijohns are so popular right now and many of you have them displayed in your homes. How about some lights in a Demijohn? I have also seen displays of wine bottles with lights in them. That looks very pretty in a kitchen or near a wine rack.

2 (400x265)
I love these lighted orbs they are made by a company called Cable & Cotton. They look like a ball of yarn and come in a variety of color combinations.
3 (451x677)

They even offer an option for you to choose your own color combination. I love the white and of course the green combination is appealing to me. I love the texture and the light they bring to a room when placed in a wooden bowl.

Soft twinkly lights in a bedroom are always inviting also.
1 (399x600) 

5 (373x373)
This just looks so inviting and cozy, doesn’t it?

4 (267x400) 
7 (246x400)
Look around your home at your accessories on tables and book cases, and think where you might be able to add an extra light or two.

I have all my lights on dimmers.  I keep several of my lamps on all day. I use refrigerator bulbs that are only 7 watts for ambient light at night. I have a lot of little lights around the house but they do not use much power.

I hope this helps inspire you to keep a few strands of white lights out after Christmas to keep that wonderful warm glow going during the cold gray days of winter.

What other ways do you all keep a warm glow going in your homes, after the Christmas lights are all gone?

“Enjoy the Process” Of:

Keeping the warm glow going in your home.