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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

TWELVE Easy-To-Do Thanksgiving Table Ideas!

It’s hard to come up with new, and creative ideas, year after year for the Holidays, isn’t it? 

I am about to give you some easy ideas that anyone can do!

Sometimes all it takes is one image to get you going in a direction. A direction that you can make your own with a bit of tweaking.

I am constantly on the look-out for ideas. I think it is a hazard of my job in design that I did for years. I was always gathering ideas from magazines, stores, books, and nature, for my clients.

With the on-set of Pinterest it is so fun to have so many creative minds pinning away finding images from all over the web to inspire all of us.

I already have in mind what I am doing on my table this year, but there are so many wonderful ideas to share, so I thought I would share with you some ideas that I love, that are easy to do, and hopefully they will inspire you all.

Some of these ideas are not actually for Thanksgiving, but I will tell you how I would change them up to make them more festive for the holiday..... 
 ......So be sure and read what I have to say under each image.


Get an old fenceboard, or one from the hardware store, distress it, and stain it for your base. Candles, and produce purchased from the grocery store, and you can easily do this idea.

Target has long door mirrors that can be purchased to do this idea. Simplicity can be so beautiful. 

Imagine this with an array of autumnal colors in your candles, or all dark chocolate brown candles, ooooh that would be gorgeous. 

Picture this idea with different types of nuts instead of the roses under the goblet. I would do these in a great quantity,(en masse), going down the center of the table with a runner underneath to frame them.

This looks as if it was used for a wedding centerpiece, but you could make it for thanksgiving by using any kind of tree branch you had around your yard, and using leaves, wheat, and some mums, or your favorite Fall flower in a color of your choice.

Now it can not get any easier than this idea. Votive holders from the dollar store, or Ikea, and a mum in your favorite autumn color, and you have a centerpiece. I would put this on a long mirror for the candle light to reflect in.

By using browns, and woven textures this simple tablescape takes on an autumnal feel. Be sure and notice that some of the plants are in simple cans adding to the natural look.

Is there anything more Fallish than a sunflower?
Use a square of foam from the craft store, and hot glue or pin on some moss. Outline with a sunflower or a mum, top with a candle, or lantern and you have a centerpiece.

Go to the grocery store and purchase produce to surround your candles with,  add some fall flowers and you have an easy to do centerpiece.

This idea could not be any simpler, and yet it looks so festive! The key here is to use an abundance of the same element. (en masse)

Even simple tin cans become festive when painted in copper and gold tones. Adding flowers all in one color keeps this a simple and somewhat elegant look.

Simple containers with wheat grass can be made to look more Fallish by adding  Fall mums, and placing leaves around the base. Add some large pillar candles in cream and you have a simple yet impressive centerpiece.

Use your lanterns as a holder for a small fall bouquet and have them down the center of your table. Buy a few bouquets at the grocery store and split them up for mini bouquets and you are set.


  • 1. When using elements in a row down the center of your table, it helps to unify them by placing them on a runner or a mirror.
  • 2.Using all of one element en masse is always a good way to get the wow factor.
  • 3.Keep your color scheme tight and it will have     a more elegant feel.
  • 4. Utilize your grocery store for produce that can be beautiful on your table.
  • 5.It does not have to be hard or expensive to be festive, and pretty.
  • 6.Do not use scented candles on your table setting, it conflicts with the wonderful aroma of your meal.
  • 7.Don’t be afraid, go for it, and “Enjoy the Process!”

For further inspiration come back for my next blog post, and I will give you some more ideas for your table!!