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Monday, May 7, 2012


With smaller homes there are some challenges. Space planning, storage, and how to make it look open, and more spacious.


Today I thought we would talk about one of the tricks of the trade.......

Making a narrow room
look wider:

To add width to a room horizontal stripes can do the trick!

Choose the wall that you see farthest away from you, upon entering the room. 

You can tell upon entering this dining room that the door wall is farthest away.

I would take the drapery panels clear to the corners to make the room look larger. 

By stopping the panels mid wall it only accentuates the small size, but the stripes were a great choice.

The stripes used in this very small dining area, not only add interest, but widen the area making it appear larger, and more substantial than it really is.

Source: bhg.com via Britney on Pinterest

Horizontal stripes used in the short little entry make it seem a bit longer visually.

By wrapping the stripes around the corner, it visually makes the corner disappear, therefore making the hall, or narrow space seem wider.

Using Striped Rugs

Source: decorpad.com via Kathy Sue on Pinterest


Sarah Richardson chose to use a neutral stripe to add depth to this small space.

By using the stripe vertically in this small entry hall it appears longer and not so small and short.

An all white with bold black stripes are used to add width to this space. I love the sharp contrast here.


Whether you choose a tone-on-tone look for your stripes, or maybe something a little bolder, it can make your space look visually wider, taller or longer!!! 
 "Enjoy the Process" Of:

Fooling the eye with stripes!