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Thursday, January 28, 2010


From Ballard Designs catalog This light fixture sold for $139 and is now $79.99
My friend Terri from La Dolfina has done a post of her laundry room where she has this light fixture and when I saw this I fell in love with it.  I can see hanging an article of clothing straight from the dryer on that special little hook. Be sure and check her blog out here.

Another Ballard Designs darling! This wicker fixture sold for $129 and is now on Sale for $29.99
This is the bargain of the day!!

This light reminds me of a birdcage. I love the look of this, also from Ballard
This originally sold for $159-$189 Now it is on sale for $59.99-$69.99

One last sale item, this is from Grandin Road catalog . This Ikat bedding comes in a king including the pillows, it was $299 and now is on Clearance for $69.00

I hope some of you can take advantage of these great sale items.
"Enjoy the Process" Of: Getting a Good Deal


I know all of you out in blogland are very creative when it comes to making a vignette.  I have seen many lovely and fun vignettes in my travel throughout blogland.  I am not talking today about that decorative type of vignette. I am talking about an "Informative Vignette" which is something that I have had my clients do as part of their design consult. This is a tool that has helped me and my clients really get in touch with what they will truly love in their homes.

Are you ready to make an "Informative Vignette"
  • First, clear your mind of your home and what you think you want it to eventually look like. Ready?
  •  Now, think of five items you have had for more than five years that you absolutely love.  It can be an accessory from your home, a dish from your cupboard, or even an old favorite sweater or a pair of shoes. 
  • Put all of these things in an open clear spot and step back. What do you see?  Colors, textures, styles, theme?  These are the elements that you need to have in your home to make your home, Truly YOUR'S.
I am going to show you some of the items that I would put in my "Informative Vignette"

This is my entry hall, it is actually is showing several of my favorite pieces.

1) The white and black marble flooring.
2) The French antique black marble top table.
3) The white wainscotting and moulding.
4) The green and white striped wall paper.
5) The blue and white ceramic pot.

Now what does this tell me?

1)  I need to have architecture in my home for interest.
2) The mouldings need to be painted white or cream
3) I will have to have some older pieces in the mix of my furniture
4) I like a simple elegant style
5) Touches of blue and white need to be in my rooms
6) Clean lines will be more pleasing to my eye
7) Sharp contrast in colors usually with the use of black and white
8) Fresh colors
9) I need a bit of shine with metals or mirrors

Now go back to the top of this post and you will see a room that meets most of the elements that I will love in a room.  See if you can pick out a few of them.

It is very important that you are really honest with yourself in the process of pulling your items together. Sometimes we talk ourselves into maybe the latest trend or something we have seen in a friend's home.  My goal for myself and for YOU is to have you really understand your own personal style. I hope this little exercise will help you in discovering the true YOU for your home.

"Enjoy the Process" of:  Discovering what your home needs to make it truly YOU!

BTW: Today is the last day to vote for Eddie Ross! Be sure and Vote!!