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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Is Your Home Looking A Little Grannyish?

This blog post has been on my mind for quite awhile.  I hesitated to write it because I want to be helpful and not hurtful. You will notice there are no pictures in this post because I wanted to make sure I did not offend someone by putting up a picture of their home, unknowingly. 

This post is full of information!!The information you are about to read is not just from me, but from some ladies that I truly respect their opinions and design aesthetics.

 So right out of the gate let me say this,

 "If you love your home and the way it looks this post is not for you. If you want to update, or refresh your home and think it is looking a bit tired, and  you are open to some new ideas and a way of looking at your home read on!"

I absolutely love being a Grandma aka: Grammy. However I do NOT want my home to look Grannyish. 

I am not talking Granny Chic which has come into vogue with the 20-30 somethings over the past 4-5 years. 

They can get away with it, they are young and cool!! I have a theory, " If you did it the first go around you should probably not do it this go around." This also can apply to wardrobe, but that is a whole different show!!

Design is always going to be subjective and we  won't all agree on, or like the same type of designs. However there are some good guidelines in design that we can all find helpful.

I asked some designers, and some design enthusiast that I truly respect and admire, what do they think makes a room look like a GRANNY room.

Here is what the pros had to say...... 

Michele Ranard of Hello Lovely Studio is a student of life and design, always learning and sharing her experiences in a beautiful almost lyrical manner on her blog. I always try to read her blog post, her insights are always spot on and that is exactly why I asked her the question. Michele had this to say....

Grannies are lovely; Granny style can be tired. When I think "Granny style," I see: gallery walls of colorful family photos in awful frames, under-scaled coffee tables topped with knickknacks, loveseats matched to sofas, and antique/vintage decor without modern pieces or contemporary art worked into the mix for balance and harmony. 

Does any of this sound familiar? Do you recognize any of these elements in your own home. Maybe it is time to rethink your rooms and decor.

Mary Ann Picket of Classic Casual Home blog and Chez Vous design services was very enthusiastic about this subject. She has a very clean, classic design aesthetic and always makes a home look fresh and current and yet timeless at the same time. I love Mary Ann's design aesthetic and find that we are often times in sync.

Mary Ann  said this.....

TOO Granny:  All matching wood furniture sets.  Try breaking them apart and adding painted finishes and/or pieces made from a different material like stone or metal.

Too many tiny photo frames everywhere:  Store them in favor of few, but larger coordinating frames.  

Man...I could go on...

Amy Perdue, who just happens to be a very talented decorating consultant and my DIL

Amy has a very keen eye for good design and what works, I always love to get her point of view. She is young, hip, stylish and has a classic way about her. She is always in tune with what is current but never gets too far off from the classics. This is what Amy said.....

Too many trends in one room
Fake Flowers/plants.
Clutter, or collections of little glass figurines
Plastic on couches
Plastic fruit, pretty much anything plastic
dated blinds
dark wood paneling

Even though some of the, "Granny," look is in, you have to do it just right. Afghans and doilies are cool, but  only if used in the right way. 

 Amy even sent a picture of Granny chic done right!!

Beth Woodson and Kristy Woodson Harvey, a mother daughter team that write the beautiful design blog Design Chic.  If you need a daily dose of fabulous design, these two ladies are your source!!Kristy is also a well known author. Her latest book, 'Slightly South Of Simple,' is a MUST read. I had a hard time putting the book down. You can find it here.

I loved what they had to say and a couple of things I had'nt thought of, but totally agreed with.......
1. Victorian paint colors like rose or pea green instantly make us think “Old Lady House!”
2. We may be changing our tune soon because we know florals are in and chintz is making its comeback. Even still, we can’t help but think of Granny when we think of chintz.


Before I asked all these talented ladies what they thought, I wrote my own  list of what I think will make a room look Granny and not in a good Granny Chic way......

This is my list.....

CLUTTER! Not every surface and wall need to be addressed with decor.

Artificial floral arrangements of poor quality
Too  many matchy-matchy  furniture pieces or fabrics

Too many dark woods
Inappropriate sizes of furniture pieces, and too many pieces of furniture in a room.

Poor lighting
Too many brown, reds, and golds
Plants on top of kitchen cupboards

Dated furniture of poor quality
Dated  or worn carpeting on floors
Overly dressed windows/heavy treatments

Bowls of potpourri
Too many throws or afghans
Too many collectables or vintage pieces of poor quality. Always try to buy the best quality you can afford.

Bustle back furniture or recliners,
Lace tablecloths and doilies on all the table tops or worse yet on the backs or arms of furniture.

Too many things displayed on fridge
Dated wallpaper with borders
Decorative towels with embellishments
Matching rugs and toilet seat covers
Too many iron grill-works on the walls
Trying to look like a home in Tuscany 

Lots of information to digest. What is a homeowner to do? 

Take a look at  what you have that is dated and tired. Be brutally honest with yourself. Unless it is a true antique and you have had it for the last 20 years it is most likely looking either a little dated or tired and needs to be addressed.

Find images of rooms you love and dissect them piece by piece. Study the picture and figure out exactly what you love about this room and then try to duplicate it in your own interpretation that fits your style, home, and budget.

Remember this post is not to put anyone to shame, but instead to open your mind and eyes to new possibilities. 

BTW: Please excuse the discrepancy in the size and color of some of the print. Blogger's editor was not working with me today. Ugh!!!