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Monday, February 15, 2010

Yipes! STRIPES!!!

Stripes are another pattern that I love.  I love their uniformity, the crispness in their lines, and the bold or even subtle contrast from one stripe to another. Stripes are comforting to me.  In a funny, way they make me feel as if all is well with my world.  Do you have patterns in your homes that make you feel that way?  If I see a room that has stripes in it, I stop and study that room.  Let's look at some rooms with striped patterns and see if you love them as much as I do.

If the stripe is in black and white I am over the moon, in love with it.  Notice the zebra patterned runner up the staircase.  It is an irregular stripe of sorts, interesting.

This room only has the stripe in the two darling side chairs, but that is what caught my eye.  Look at the great black cord-welting on the settees. Make sure you don't miss the floor lamps.  The black is peeking through the semi-sheer shade.  Very clever using a chandelier in black under that shade. (note to self, think of somewhere in home to use this idea.)

Bold and blue! This room makes me smile!

Sunset Magazine
I would love to be sipping Pellegrino with lemon in this garden.  Notice the fence painted black.  I like the coziness of this spot and then you add the stripes, Heaven!!

Simple but so much punch.  This is crisp and fresh to me.

What a fun room. I love all the mix of patterns in this room. Mixing patterns does not always have to look busy, this room is very soothing.

The Lettered Cottage reading nook.  Be sure and visit Layla's blog.  She and her hubby are doing some amazing projects on her blog.  She is a very lovely warm-hearted lady and full of fun and love for life.  Her post are always a fun read.

I know there is lots of pink going on here, but you have to admit it looks happy and makes you smile.  Just look at that flirty little pleated skirt on the striped chair, love that!!

Extra large stripes going on here. These are subtle in color, but bold in scale.  I like this concept.

Ticking stripes are one of my all time favorite patterns, especially in blue.

Fun with horizontal stripes.

I cannot imagine having the patience to paint all of these stripes, but it looks so handsome. 

Notice the very subtle stripe in this sophisticated nursery.

Black and white, be still my heart.

Striped rugs are all the rage right now.  Even when they are no longer a trend I will love them.

Just pretty!


"Something's Gotta Give", living room.  This room has been featrued all over blog land.  Probably the best post was done by Joni Webb at Cote de Texas. She is the blogging queen in my book.

A bit too busy for my eye, but still interesting.

Fun and full of sunshine.

You realllllly have to like red and stripes to like this room.

A wonderful country room. The ticking stripe on the red chair is a nice touch.

Very subtle.  Don't you just want to climb in right now?

I know most of you have seen my dining room before.  I could not do a post on stripes without showing my favorite room in my house.

"Enjoy the Process" Of:  Adding some stripes to your decor.