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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Seeing Fashion Through Different Eyes!!

When you are young and thin it is so much easier to find clothing that fits, and looks good on you, than when you get my age and my size, ugh!!!

The other day I was looking at some fun fashion blogs and I found myself saying., "If I were thinner, If I were younger, If I were taller." You know those messages that play over and over in our heads, and either they paralyze us from moving forward or they stop us from even trying anymore.

Well, I don’t like being in that frame of mind so I made myself look at some cute young thing dressed in some very stylish outfits and I said to my self. “Self you should not wear a mini skirt, but what else could you substitute in its place?” I started looking at these darling fashions with optimism instead of a woe is me attitude. 

It was amazing how my attitude changed and how inspired I became.
I am going to show you a few of the images, and then I will tell you what I would change that would be more appropriate, and frankly just more, “ME!”

In fact over on my Pinterest boards I have a whole board for these types of looks that I call….. “Looks to make my way.”

I think it is probably pretty obvious I won’t be wearing a pair of white mini shorts!!!  However I will wear a pair of white walking shorts or a pair of white jeans. I love everything on the top half of this outfit. The flower is way to much for my taste, but the rest I could totally wear. I would have to go for a pair of  neutral flats instead of heels, but that is totally doable.

By looking at this outfit from a different perspective I can study it and see what can work for me.

I am hear to tell you that on another day with another mood I would have totally skipped over this because of the mini shorts and the heels alone.

That really goes to show me that perspective and attitude is key in my success to having fun with my wardrobe at my age.
Let’s look at some more……..

I think anyone could wear this outfit. What I liked about this outfit was the color combination. Since I am not tall I think I would probably have to wear  a more fitted open weave sweater, but other than that I think I could totally pull this off.
One of the outstanding elements in this outfit is the purse and the necklace. Love the strands of jumbled pearls and the bright clutch. I have plenty of pearls to work with. I now need to find a bright oversized clutch. I also love the large chain bracelet. Hmmmm? I wonder if I could wear turquoise nail polish? Maybe on my toes!!! See how this attitude works? I am on a roll.

When I look at this outfit with my new found attitude and perspective. I see that  I really love the brights with the neutral of the animal print. I also notice that she ties it together with a neutral bag. 
I could do this easily. I probably won’t be wearing tight skinny jeans, but I am sure I can wear a pair of colored jeans and a bright t-shirt with a touch of an animal print sweater with neutral shoes and purse. Why not?!!!

Shall we try one more outfit on for size and style??……

That is my JCrew navy checked shirt!!!! No red mini skirt in my future, but check out the cute trench-vest and red belt!! I would wear this with my white jeans or blue jeans in a heartbeat!!! In fact I can, because I ordered this trench vest from Urban outfitters. If I had looked at this with my old grumpy attitude I would have totally missed out on a fun and cute new piece to add to my wardrobe. Here are a couple of other looks with the same trench-vest.(Just found out this vest is on sale now!!! Was $79, I paid $59 now it is on sale for $39.99 HERE!!)

Switch it up and wear it with creams and neutrals. I have a leather belt! I can do this with a cream top and bottom. I could wear my leopard flats instead of the leopard clutch. I can totally get the same look with a touches of , “ME” in there.

There is a lot going on in this outfit. Let’s see which ones can I use.
A neutral striped tank with a denim blouse and a cute scarf that picks up the colors. I can totally do that. Darker khaki walking shorts, sure why not?!! Brown leather belt, I have one!! Stacked gold bracelets, I have plenty of those. I need that large bronze chain. I need to add that to my shopping list.
See how it all works?!!

Other than the heels in this image I can wear it all!!! It looks as if my new trench vest is going to be a fun new piece for me to wear.

One thing I am noticing in all of the above images is the great use of accessories. It is just like building a well designed room. Get a good base going and then add to it with accessories in varying shapes and textures.
I need to look for a few things to add to my wardrobe. Who knows maybe if I look in my existing jewelry box I might already have it!!!

Now I am totally inspired!! I am now on the hunt for:
  • brightly colored over sized clutch
  • large chain necklace and bracelet
  • medium width red belt.
  • blue denim shirt
  • neutral flats
These are just a few of the looks that inspired me when I started looking at fashion through more positive and creative eyes.

How about you all, do you find yourself discouraged by what you see out there in the market place? Try this little exercise and pick out an image of an outfit that you are attracted too and tweak it to fit your needs like I did.

“Enjoy the Process” Of:

Looking at clothing with a whole new mindset of being positive and creative. Tweak it to fit your needs and body type.


BTW: If you would like to see the other outfits that I am trying to make my way you can visit my Pinterest board HERE!