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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Summer Arrival At My House

Would you believe I am still making summer changes to my family room?

Even with the whisperings of Fall that are going around blogland I will still hold onto Summer for a bit.

Yesterday helped me hold onto Summer with the arrival of my Summer pillows.

It took me awhile to find just the perfect fabric, but when I saw it, I KNEW it would be perfect in the room.

Nebula collage
(fabric is Nebula from Pindler and Pindler)

I have two 22 in. pillows with a 5/8in flange of the ticking stripe on the diagonal. I love a trimmed out look and the addition of the flange was the perfect touch for my room.

Summer pillows ribbit (1024x768)
Here is a close-up so you can see the detail!

Here they are in their Summer Room!

Summer pillows 001a (768x1024)
They seem to add a coolness to the room. Just what I wanted!

Summer pillows 003a (1024x768)
They mix well with the other blues in the room.

The next Summer pillow is for the blue ticking sofa.

I decided for a clean simple look so I only have one pillow on my sofa! You heard right, just ONE pillow.

Summer pillows 006 b(1024x768)
BUT! This pillow is a big one!! It is 15” X 44”

I would have made it even larger, but I have a plan for this pillow. Yes, there is more to be added.

The way the pattern layed out this was the maximum length I could get in order to have the  solid cream panel in the middle.

I am going to take this big beauty to have a very large blue letter, “P” monogrammed right in the center  of the middle cream panel. 

So there you have it! My latest Summer look for my family room.

Summer pillows 004b (1024x768)

I am still holding on to the last bits of Summer!

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