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Sunday, August 7, 2016

MISSION IMPOSSIBLE! Swimsuit Shopping!


When it comes to a bathing suit I must admit I have not had one on in more years than I can count.

I quit laying in the sun in my mid to late 30s so really the only time I remember wearing a swim suit is when we went to Hawaii.

Let's face it I don't really like what I see when I see myself in a swim suit, but I have vowed to myself I am going to change that. 

We have access to a beautiful pool, and an indoor lap pool, in our new community. We have water aerobic classes offered here so I truly need to plug in.

So here's the deal, I needed to buy some swimsuits in order to even go to the classes. So the search began!

If you are like me when I look at the perfectly proportioned models wearing a swimsuit I like, I forget it is not going to look like that on me. This is where disappointment can set in, but I am determined!

I took the plunge, and ordered several suits to see which ones will fit my proportions. I know some will have to go back and hopefully some will actually fit and serve my purpose.

I figured I am probably not the only one in this position so I thought I would share some of the suits and cover ups I liked, or at least liked enough to try.

I did receive this first suit and it fits perfectly and is very comfortable so it is a keeper. I found years ago that the longitude brand fits me well since I have a long torso.

Fireworks One-Piece Swimsuit:

I loved the colors in this one. I have not tried it on yet so the jury is still out.

Miraclesuit Spectra Band-It Square Neck Swimsuit:

Next came cover ups. This is where I had a real problem and again I am not sure how these will look once I receive them but I still wanted to share with you all just in case you need to buy a swimsuit or something to put over them.

I was trying to find something that was an easy put on pull off. I sure don't want to have to be a contortionist at the pool in order to get my cover up off. Omgosh, can you imagine how embarrassing that would be? Yikes

<ul> <li>A mixed chevron print invigorates this V-back design</li> <li>V-neck</li> <li>Wide straps</li> <li>Pullover style</li> <li>About 55" from shoulder to hem</li> <li>Rayon</li> <li>Hand wash</li> <li>Made in USA</li></ul>:  

This looked comfy and the colors will look good with the black and white suit or the blue and black.

<ul> <li>A head-turning batik print invigorates this V-back design</li> <li>V-neck</li> <li>Sleeveless</li> <li>Pullover style</li> <li>About 36" from shoulder to hem</li> <li>Polyester</li> <li>Machine wash</li> <li>Made in USA</li></ul>:

This is similar to the long one, but a bit different and shorter.

This next one is pretty out of my normal box, but it looked flirty and comfortable so why not give it a try....

Dotti Fringe-Trim Hardware Dress Cover-Up 

I thought this would look good with the blue striped suit, if it fits!!

So there you have it! Wish me luck!

I hope some of my choices will help you in making your own choices for swim wear. 

Now for the real commitment!
Here I come water aerobics!!!