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Saturday, February 6, 2010

For Your Valentine Viewing Pleasure

When I think of Valentines Day I can not help but think of the color red.  Red is a color I do not use in my everyday decor in my own home.  I do enjoy visiting homes that use red .  In fact one of my favorite homes to visit is done in all red,white and blue.  It makes me smile as soon as I walk in.  Red is a very strong and vibrant color and it is not for the faint of heart. Speaking of hearts, back to Valentine Viewing. I hope you see some rooms that will make you smile.

I love this chair and would really like one in white!

Do you think a love letter is being typed?

Just a touch of red in this handsome room makes it feel romantic.

What a fun office and organized beautifully in red.

Bold and Beautiful from Lonny Magazine. If you have not looked at this on-line magazine you should take a peek. It is on its second on-line issue.

A striking room done by one of my favorite TV designers Sarah Richardson

I like the use of the Tynant water bottles in red. The red bottles hold still water but they have a wonderful colbalt blue glass bottle for their sparkling spring water for you blue lovers.

Room pictured in House Beautiful

This picture is more on the pink side of red but I had to post this beautiful bouquet.

Another pinky red in just two blooms, but just enough color to add interest to this bathroom.

Notice the subtle color of blue on the walls with the great sayings, and the the huge pop of color in the chandelier. That is what I call a Wow! factor.

They chose to use lots of different patterned fabrics all in red, very charming.

The chandelier in ths home is an amazing piece of jewelry for this room.

A nice relaxed room.

Another room with several different patterns in red this room is done by Peter Estersohn for Southern Accents Magazine

Another room from Southern Accents, oh how I miss that magazine.

This is for all of you toile lovers out there.

I hope you have enjoyed your Valentine Viewing. I must leave you with one last picture, I could not resist. This is actually a chair named Lesuire Lux Chair.  Now that is very interesting to say the least.
"Enjoy the Process" Of:  Thinking about using a touch of red for Valentines Day!