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Monday, May 10, 2010

Color Spots

Color spots are areas where an accent color is used in a room. They should be placed strategically around the room. Your eye should flow around a room not jolt from one object to another. I use to tell my clients when accessorizing a room,we all need to think where we will have color spots and what we will use. I know that pillows, lamps and art work are always a good remedy for that, however, there are other less expensive ways to give an area a Color Spot! Magazines or books are one of the ways I use to tell my clients to add a color spot on, lets say an ottoman or coffee table.
Notice the same blue that is in the sofa is on the book that has been placed on the coffee table.
The color that is in the art piece and its frame are repeated in the coffee table book.
house of turqouise
The colors in the coffee table books are repeated from the artwork and the pillows on the sofa.
fd4ba64eff50[1]Are you beginning to see how having a detail like a repeated color in a book on your coffee table can make an impact in a room? It is all in the details.
Another easy and economical way to have a color spot is with flowers…..
These beautiful pink peonies are a repeat of the color in the pink floral pillows. If you look carefully it looks as if there is a small pink dish in the opened door of the hutch, another color spot!
I am showing this picture because the color spot of the bright yellow flowers gives this room some pop! Look at the small white table in the window, notice one more small touch of the bright yellow.
Here we have purple being used as an accent. The color spot here is on the coffee table not in the flowers but in the actual vase the flowers are contained in.
In this picture you have to look closely at the color spots. The color spot is in the form of pink. Do you see it? Look at the edge of the chartreuse pillow, Pink! The red pillow has a softer pink flower in the print. One small pink bud in a black votive holder is on the coffee table. The more obvious color spot is in the ottoman and the vase on the end table. Did you notice the spines of the books on the end table, more pink? This is what I call cross pollinating a color in a room. I referred to that in a previous post. It is as if a pink bee went from spot to spot in the room and left a little color spot of pink.
Let’s look at some other ways to bring in color spots in a room………..
b251fa36dead[1] In this room on the coffee table we not only have repeated colors from the room in the glass decanters, but it is also in the two books on the coffee table.
The beautiful coral on the fireplace wall has a repeat of its color on the chair in the form of a coral throw. Throws are also a great way to bring in a color spot in the room.
This is pretty clever. One tangerine pillow in the room and its repeated color spot is in the billiard balls in the bowl on the coffee table. This is a stretch, but I am also picking up the blue stripe and red stripe in the art piece is repeated in the striped billiard balls.
One bright orange pillow deserves its very own color spot in the one orange on the table next to the black and white dish that repeats the look of the art piece. Notice the subject matter of the portrait and her dress has hints of orange, very interesting.
There are so many ways to bring in color spots into a room to make sense of the color story. I use to tell my clients to get baskets and fill them with balls made out of different colors of yarn. I have been known to save certain magazines for the colors in the cover. I know it sounds a bit overboard,but it is all about the  details. Color spots are a way of making the eye travel around the room with color. What are some of the ways you add color spots to your rooms?
 “Enjoy the Process” Of: Adding color spots in your decor!