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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Blog Mission Statement

This is a hard time of year for many. I have read several post on questioning why they blog or they are feeling what I call, “The In-Betweens.” There also seems to be a bit of meanness out in blogland that is occuring. I have read several post on that subject also.

All of this made me think and take pause about blogging and why I blog. I also think this time of year we are all taking a bit of time to re-evaluate our lives.

When I read that one of my favorite bloggers, PK of Room Re-Mix was quitting, it really made me start thinking as it did for many.

Janell at Isabella and Max blog wrote a post here on is blogging sustainable?

A to Z has also written a wonderful post about some of the many pit-falls that can occur while blogging.

Kat's post on some of the meanness that can occur in blogland, on her blog Low Tide High Style.

On my very own sidebar I have a  post written by Sande at A Giftwrapped Life that so eloquently describes why we blog.

Before starting a blog, I thought long and hard for over a year before taking the plunge.

I had many friends in a design chat room that were encouraging me to do so, and even my very own family were cheering me on.

One of the things I did was to really examine why I would write a blog and what I wanted my blog to be like.

I made a mission statement. Nothing formal or fancy, just something to remind me of why I was writing a blog.

When I get off track, and trust me I have done so, I look at the mission statement to get me back to who I am and what I want my blog to be.

When it is all said and done, I have to be true to who I am.

As a Design consultant for over 30 some-odd-years, I became somewhat of a teacher to my clients. Teaching would have been my second chosen profession after Design consultant.

I wanted my clients to be able to make choices on their own based on what I had taught them. I had long term relationships with many of them and consider them friends.

This profession was so “Good” to me and that is why my blog is called, “The Good Life Of Design.”

It seems we all have the same demons, rewards and doubts if we are bloggers.
I knew these issues would come up from time to time, so that is why I wrote a mission statement of what I thought I wanted my blog too look like and be about.

My Mission Statement

In writing my blog I want it to be an extension of my life in design now that I am retired.

I want to:

  1. Write about the process I go through in designing a room.
  2. Hopefully teach as I go along.
  3. Be motivating to others.
  4. Make others feel as if they can do it!(design)
  5. Give tools and methods to my readers on what has worked for me over the last 30 years in design.
  6. Share some of my home projects
  7. Keep the look of my blog simple and uncomplicated.
  8. no advertising,
  9. no blog list on sidebar, I never want anyone to get their feelings hurt if their blog is not listed, so I choose to not list any.
  10. No pictures of my children or grandchildren
  11. If I can not say it to a stranger then I should not put it on my blog.
  12. Keep my private life private.
  13. Try to be uplifting
  14. Hopefully try to make a difference
  15. Have fun!! When it quits being fun, time to quit!
  16. Try to not get caught up in the number’s game of how many followers and how many comments I get each day.
  17. Try to keep blogging in perspective and keep balance in my life.
  18. Write about what I am interested in.
  19. Stay true to who I am and what I stand for in my life.
And Most Importantly!!

Try to:
 “Enjoy the Process” along the way.