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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What Color Combination Shall I use???

Now that I have my "Someday"floor plan for my, “Someday Family-room re-do, it is time to think about color.
Choosing colors for me is easy because I have always liked the same colors and used them throughout my home. Green, white, soft yellow, blue,watermelon pink and touches of black and white. With that being said I must look at the adjoining room, the kitchen, for a color cue.
Most of you have seen my kitchen, but for those of you who have not here is the colors I will be working with......

IMG_0201 (800x600)
In both of these pictures you can see I am working with a green and white. I also must consider the white oak floors in a natural finish, which has golden undertones.
The other thing I need to consider is I love a light filled room with medium value colors and accents in pops of white or black.
Let me show you some pictures of rooms that I love the color combinations......
cobalt blue
johnathon adler
Johnathan Adler
black and white accents
I think you can tell by all of the above images I am going for a cobalt blue and white with green and touches of black and white as my main color scheme.

So what about the walls? What color will they be, will they have any architecture applied to them? That question will be answered in my next post!!
“Enjoy the Process” Of:
Collecting images for color combinations that you love.