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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Answered Prayers

I am feeling very grateful today, just maybe a little more grateful than normal.

Sometimes it is hard to let go and let God, as the saying goes. 
Answers don’t always come to us when we think we need them, or in the manner we are seeking, but He always answers our prayers.

 I am learning even if the answer is not what I think it should be, he knows best, and I have to rely on his omnipotence.

This time God has so graciously seen fit to fulfill a need.

I am so  thankful for his hand in my life, and in the lives of the one’s I love.

So today my heart is a little fuller, and my gratitude is over flowing.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Great Ideas For Your Weekend


 Are you ready for some GREAT ideas? I have a few good one’s up my sleeve.

Shall we start with this one?……..

We all have received the throw away shower caps from Hotels. Next time DON’T throw them away. Use them to house your shoes next time you pack for a trip. The dirty shoe bottoms will not touch your clothing! Very smart!!!

I thought this was cute and clever. Hot glue a pom-pom on the end of a dry erase marker, and you have a built in eraser!!

Dirty, sandy feet can be washed off in this handy-dandy little box with smooth rocks. The sand washes off, and sinks to bottom of rocks.

My husband is going to love this idea! This particular type of picture hanger is his least favorite and frankly has been a bit of a bone of contention at time. Now there is a way to do it with out too much hassle!!

Place tape on the back of the frame marking where the holes are, then take the tape off, place tape on wall, level, where you want to hang the picture and put the nails where the marks are. This is one of those, “Why didn’t I think of this ideas?”

What about Food Ideas?

Perfectly round eggs to go on a muffin or biscuit with the use of a canning jar ring!!

If you have a buffet or console table how about painting the top with chalk board paint? When you entertain you can use it as a menu board!

I absolutely love this idea. I think the use of the doors is unique as a backdrop for the nightstands.

This would also be a great idea for a renter to hang some wonderful sconces without having to wire them into the wall. The door hides the cords, LOVE it!!

If you rent a house your shower might not be as pretty as the one below, but the idea can be applied in any shower!

If you need a seat in your shower, but your shower is too small for a built-in bench how about a garden stool? I love this whole design by  Grant Gibson.


Would you like to learn how to clean your face with natural products? This blog talks about it and is very informative. 

Be sure and read the comments, there is a wealth of information in the comments. Just click on the source under the above image.

I will leave you with this last idea that I have actually tried since we are talking about natural products…..

I have this almond oil and I use it as my night time moisturizer. I can not believe the difference it has made in my skin. I have very dry skin and it has given me back a more subtle looking skin. I highly recommend this product. A real bargain at $10.47!

Wishing you all a wonderful Weekend,

“Enjoying the Process,” Of:

Doing as little or as much as I want!!


Friday, April 27, 2012

Something That Helps Me Eat Healthier & It's Pretty


We all know eating more fruits and vegetables is good for us, but how many of us eat as many as we should in one day? 

Eating healthy  is not as easy for some of us as it is for others. I think we all have to find our own methods that will work to promote better health.

………What I Do……….

Being such a visual person I have found something that has worked well for me.

Fresh Produce 001 (800x464)

I get fresh organic produce delivered to my home. It is all locally grown and fresh. I have found new vegetables that I normally do not eat. It is just a treat and a healthy treat at that to get it delivered.

Fresh Produce 002 (800x545)
Once I get my box I plan that nights dinner around the fresh veggies in the box in order to use them at their freshest.

Fresh Produce 005 (800x599)

Make It Visually Appealing

(sorry I could not resist, I would do this for a party, but not on an every day basis!)

But I do this on an everyday basis…….

Boys pictures and healthy fruit display for blog 004 (1024x768) (800x600)

I like to keep bowls out on my tray on the kitchen counter of fresh fruit and veggies. This helps me  throughout the day, and I will be reminded to grab some fruit, or veggies for my snack.

fresh produce from fruit stand 001 (600x800)
This is what works for me. I know it won’t for everyone, but if you are like me you are always looking for ways to improve your quality of life.

What You Might Find On My Kitchen Counter:

  • Blackberries
  • Blueberries
  • Strawberries
  • Grapes
  • Orange slices
  • Small grape tomatoes
  • Assorted Heirloom tomatoes
  • Celery placed in ice water
  • Almonds
  • Walnuts

I try to display them in a pleasing way to make them more appealing, and decorative. Trust me this is an easy thing to do , or I would not be doing it!

 I like to have this out when I have overnight guest. This allows them to feel like they can always grab a snack.

What do You All Do?

Do you have any creative ways to help yourself in eating better that is visually appealing? Please share any tid-bits in the comments. It is always so helpful to get feedback from YOU all!!

“Enjoy The Process!” Of:

Getting creative with food.


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Are You Comfortable Mixing Design Styles?


Is it possible for a Traditionalist  to really like modern pieces, and make them work in their home? Two styles at the opposite ends of the spectrum, how can this work?!

This is the question that I wanted to pose in today’s blog post after reading Joni’s post the other day on the evolution of Sally Wheat’s lovely home. 

It shows the evolution of a designers style, and how she ends up with a room that reflects her true design aesthetics.

Sally Wheat’s Living Room

What struck me when reading this post is:

How many of us have loved a particular element, but will only  look at it from afar,thinking that it could never fit in our personal design aesthetic?

It made me realize I need to revisit some of the more contemporary pieces I have loved with more of an open mind.


If we love a piece that we think won’t work in our existing home décor , what should we do about it?


1.  Gather images of pieces that you have loved for a
      long time that you have dismissed because you
      think they would not work in your existing design.

2.  Look at the shape, and the material in the piece to
     see if it has any common ground with existing
     finishes or shapes in your home.
 3.  Think about where the piece  would fulfill a need.

4.  Look at your existing pieces to see which ones
     could be  replaced by the new piece.


I thought I would show you a piece that is contemporary that I have looked at from afar.  I really like  these two pieces even though my home is more on the traditional side…………

Source: cb2.com via Kathy Sue on Pinterest

Each of the above coffee tables are contemporary in their lines. I have looked at the CB2 table for a few years, and continue to gravitate towards it for my living room. 

I have plans for a seating area in my living room with four chairs around a round coffee table. Both of the above tables would fulfill a need for that room.

The Carrera top would be a perfect tie-in with the marble entry floor that I now have……..

I would change out the silver base of the table for an antiqued gold finish as in the first image.

The antique gold finish would go with the existing sconces that are in the room.

This  contemporary table could work on every level:

1.  Love the  round shape and clean lines of these
     contemporary pieces.
2.  They both would fulfill the need for a coffee table
      in my plans for my living room.

3. The finishes are a good tie-in too my existing décor
    that I plan on keeping.

Lesson Learned:

  • By keeping an open mind when looking at “All” good design a whole new world can open up for you!

  • Do you have a piece in the back of your mind that you love, but have always felt would not work for one reason or the other in your existing home?

Maybe it is time for you to revisit it with fresh eyes!