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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

How Will YOU Display Your Colors?



Sometimes big is just BETTER!

A ride around town displaying your colors proudly might be the key.

Wearing stripes and tying it up with a red and blue scarf will work nicely.

How about a beautiful display of your colors in a yummy dessert for all to see, and enjoy?

Taking simple striped straws and adding a blue flag would be a great idea, and simple to do.

You can always greet your guest with a display of stars from our beautiful flag on your lawn by using a stencil, and flour.

If you plan on having the all American hotdog make a flag display by making your own star shaped potato chips, and placing them in a blue bowl.

Even your drinks can display your colors proudly!

Even cookies can display your colors proudly, and deliciously!

Hang our flag proudly on your home.

How ever you decide to display your colors remember to display them with pride!!

To see more displays of our colors go to my Pinterest board for the Fourth of July HERE!