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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Fun, Festive and Inexpensive!!!

In the economy that we are experiencing I think we all need some fun, festive and inexpensive ideas to spruce-up our yards. I think that Chinese lanterns are a great answer to all three criteria. They are fun, festive and inexpensive.

I absolutely love Chinese lanterns. I find them fascinating. The colors, the shapes and even some of the patterns. I love to use Chinese lanterns in my backyard. I have a shade tree over a small patio that I like to hang all white lanterns in different shapes. They look so ethereal to me. When they gently blow in the wind they are hypnotizing. I think they can make a wonderfully festive atmosphere for a backyard patio area. I know they are not a new product by any means, but I wonder how many people actually remember to use them in their outdoor decorating in the Spring and Summer months after the rain has stopped. I found a great source for inexpensive lanterns that can be ordered on line. They have a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors. I will show just a few of what you can see on their website...

E55-Eyelet-Paper-Lanterns[1 ] 7.95LS201-white-designer-paper-lantern[1]19.95
The first lantern is white eyelet  and I love the unusual shape. You can get it here for only $7.95. The round lantern has been embellished with crystals for a little sparkle for only $19.95.
L125F-Party-Lantern-String-Lights[1]   SH13-teal-outdoor-nylon-lantern[1] 6.95
I love these brightly patterned lanterns. The beautiful teal of this lantern would look so fun around a pool area. Both lanterns can be purchased at Luna Bazaar. If you have not gone to this website take time to do so. It is a real treat. You can get so many fun things to add color and make it look festive for very little monies.
CL001-Wire-Linen-Candle-Lanterns[1]19.95 CL010RE-Woven-Wire-Hanging-Metal-Candle-Lanterns[1] 35.00
These two lanterns are made of linen and wire. I love their shape and the wire almost looks like a lace pattern. You can get these at Luna Bazaar also.
Take a look at some of the ways that Chinese lanterns can be used.
146001_1[1]This is probably my favorite way to use Chinese lanterns. I love all white and when they blow in the wind they are even more beautiful to me.
If you like color here is a nice mix of colors for you. Chinese lanterns come in so many colors. The combinations can almost be endless.
DreamSuitePatio2_Disney[1] gimon_lanterns[1]
Whenever one color is done in mass it becomes more of a statement.
How fun is this wedding done in all lime green? Can you imagine making a wire tree in the middle of your yard to hang lanterns on?  I really like this idea. I am going to think about where I could do something like this. Shepherd hooks going down a path are also a fun way to use Chinese lanterns. They don’t have to be lit to be beautiful. White lanterns glow in the dark even without lighting them.
Simple, beautiful, ethereal!
Martha Stewart uses Chinese lanterns in a variety of ways.
Remember these great little vase covers that I posted on here.

Mixing patterns with solid lanterns can look fun and festive!

How about a little embellishment with some paper butterflies.  Notice the butterflies are added to the drinking straws.  I think this would make a wonderful decoration for a Mother's Day luncheon.
Can you think of places in your yard that you could add a fun display of Chinese lanterns?
“Enjoy the Process” Of: Adding some fun and festive Chinese lanterns to your yard.