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Friday, November 18, 2016

Stay Stylish And Comfortable on Thanksgiving Day

What Should We Wear?........

Some people like to dress up for Thanksgiving, however, for me, I like to dress comfortable yet stylish. 

After all if you are like me we are the ones in the kitchen so chances are we will be a bit warmer, and on our feet a lot, so comfort is key for me.

There is a formula I usually wear that will consist of:   
  •  Lightweight sweater
  •   Pair pants, or skirt 
  •  Comfy cute flats
  •  Fun/Fancy necklace
  • Always a pop of color

I have pulled together some casual outfits for Thanksgiving day for you all whether you are the guest, or the hostess, there is something for everyone.....

This outfit would be more for a guest to wear, but for me as the hostess I would be wearing a cute pair of loafers, and the bracelets as nice as they are would not work in the kitchen for me. I love the colors in this outfit, very Fallish with a pop of color.

This outfit is so me. I love the Vneck sweater, it looks light weight and colorful. The necklace is perfect and adding the plaid pant makes this outfit fun to wear. Personally I would add a leopard flat just because I love leopard flats.

Simple, easy to wear, it has comfort and color with a touch of fun with the leopard flats. I have all of these pieces in my wardrobe and would be totally comfortable in this outfit.

Are you seeing a formula starting to evolve? Comfort, classic pieces combined with fun shoes and fancy necklace. I would have to switch out the heels for my flats, but every thing else would be perfect for me if I were the guest, but as the cook the blazer would have to be replaced with a button up cardigan that I could move easily in and push up my sleeves.

I still need to get my leopard skirt, but if I had one I would wear it for sure!! I would add a fun sparkly necklace to this outfit, and a pair of red patent flats to add that fun pop of color.

I would have to change the cut on the pants for me and of course a multi strand of pearls to make it more me.

This all works for me as a guest, because can you imagine mashed potatoes and gravy caught in all those bangles? Oh my !!!

 A simple skirt, fun sweater , cute flats and necklace and add the comfort value and this would work for the hostess or the guest.

Perfection in my book!! 
Loving those shoes!!

This outfit shows my formula of:
Fancy necklace
Fun and comfortable shoes
(missing a pop of color so I would switch out the sweater to a bright mustard sweater)

I have yet to pick out what I am wearing, but I can guarantee that it will be comfortable with a touch of fancy, fun and a pop of color!!!

All of the above outfits can be found on my....

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