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Monday, January 16, 2012

Effortless or Contrived?

Have you ever seen a room that makes you stop and take pause, and you are not quite sure why?  I do this all the time.

In my perusing the web for ideas, and inspiration I find myself doing one of two things. Stopping to study what   is drawing me into a room, or whizzing by because the room is so predictable, or contrived.

You can be drawn to a room by many things, colors, style, textures,  and decorative elements. What will make you linger in the room will be the composition. The composition is the manner in which the homeowner has put all of the above elements together in a room.

I must admit that I struggle a bit with going towards a contrived look. I think it has to do with my being a perfectionist, and I  tend to like all my ducks in a row, matching along the way. Symmetry will most likely be my first inclination when it comes to balancing a room. This is what my personality will dictate, but I know from studying good design that this does not necessarily make for an interesting room.

A room that has symmetry can also be good design, but what will make it interesting is the variation in textures, and contrast in the colors of the room. It must have an interesting mix in order to not become too contrived, or predictable.

It is much more interesting to have a room that draws you in with different textures, asymmetry, and contrast in colors, or textures.

What made me want to write this post was a particular image of a room that was so perfectly matched in its colors, and accessories that it was way too contrived, and therefore I did not linger in this room.

However I did find that I was drawn in by the colors, and the style of the furniture. What drew me in ended when it became so predictable or contrived, what I like to refer too as Smatchy(overly matching in a room!)

First, I must say I am not saying the room was  horrible or badly decorated. We all know that design whether good or bad is totally subjective to the person that is looking at the room. I am going to give you a few examples, and let you decide which is more appealing to your own design aesthetics.

 Design will always be subjective, but I think it is important for all of us to become very aware of what is appealing to our eye, and studying that in terms of:

  • Colors
  • Textures
  • Patterns
  • Contrast
  • Asymmetry vs. Symmetry
  • Balance

Once we become more aware of what we love and why, then we will be better prepared when  choosing elements for our own home. 

After viewing all of the above images, which images made you study the room? How many of the above images did you find your self just whizzing by?

I think when you look at a room and it draws you in, you want to linger, and you can’t figure out exactly what it is that draws you in, the room is a successful design. A room full of interest is so much more appealing than a room that is predictable or contrived. Don’t you think?

“Enjoy The Process!” Of:

Figuring out what is appealing to your own design aesthetics.