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Friday, January 2, 2015

My COLOR Pick(s) for 2015

In years past I have tried my hand at choosing a color that I think we will start seeing more, and more of in the upcoming year. 

I try to do this before the new year starts. I usually start zeroing in on a certain color the previous year. As I see it emerge more and more.

Trust me I am not an expert on this matter, just someone that is observant about color in my life.

Past years I have chosen…….


This is a color I think we are still seeing, or at least it’s cousin Indigo!!


2012 color of the year

2013  YELLOW

In 2014 I did not choose a new color because I was still insisting that this color was  going to start showing up in homes and on the runways. I can be stubborn like that!

For 2015 I am still saying yellow will be showing up more, and more, BUT I also have another color that has been on my radar for the last few months.

If you check out my pinboard you will see I have been pinning this color for quite awhile now… 


My Color Choice For 2015 is….

2015 color of the year pale blush

Pink/blush is not a color for everyone, and for me personally it is a color I would use sparingly, but it is a lovely, romantic and soothing color.

using pink sparingly is just the right touch

A touch here and there is all you need.

Yarn for my next scarf! Yummy Super Soft Merino yarn from PurlSoho.com in Ballet Pink, also known as Pantone 9241. take2theyresmall.com

blush pink decor #drapery
A touch of romance.

Blush can come with different undertones ranging from blue undertones to yellow undertones.

blush // via the kinch life
For my own personal taste I  tend to like a blush with a bit of a yellow undertone as in a soft cameo pink.

#lantern, #lighting, #dining-room, #pendant-light  Photography: Tracey Ayton - traceyaytonphotography.com  Read More: http://www.stylemepretty.com/living/2014/03/24/the-doctors-closet-home-tour/
A touch here, a touch there, just enough to make you whisper PINK, but not to shout PINK!!

Dusty pink
The softest of pinks.

#pink and blue moodboards  trend-daily.blogspot.com
We all know how big indigo has been this past year and just look how lovely a soft pink looks with this classic color.

Summer Trends 2013: 60s Prep. Navy and pink preppy pillows in mixed patterns. The secret to mixing is to choose a color scheme, then a variety of prints: one large scale (the quatrefoil), a geometric (the pink bamboo), and a floral (notice the floral is not too dense of a pattern nor is it too loose with lots of negative space). Its all about finding balance and proportion.

Brass/antique gold has been emerging the last few years and there is nothing prettier than pink, and gold together.

coral, pink and gold girl's room. pattern mix. upholstered headboard with nailhead detail.

Another metal  that has been emerging the last few years as well, is copper. 

When you look at the undertone of a polished copper piece you will see pink undertones. It is a wonderful combination to mix copper with blush pinks.

blush pink
Such a pretty combination, pink and copper.

You will notice there is no other pink in the room, other than the flowers, and bar stools that are pink, and yet it seems to be the perfect addition in this kitchen mixed with white, marble and brass accents.

Pretty Glam Pastels Office space. John-Richard Collection Horchow’s Lexington Office Furniture & Pagoda Etagere
I have shown you by using subtle touches of blush it can be soothing, and romantic if used with a restrained hand. Now I am going to show you my TWO COLOR CHOICES for this year together.

2015 color of the year pale blushCOLOR FOR 2013

I believe we will see more and more of these two colors emerging in design and in wardrobes.

Kleur Inspiratie: Fluor kleuren in je interieur. | http://anoukdekker.nl/fluor-kleuren-in-je-interieur/

The yellow used here is a bit more citron, but you can see that these two color families marry well when used in a room together.
Wedding colour palette: pastel peach, lemon, gold and neutrals

We all know how big the color gray is in home interiors and the above combination shows how to mix both yellow and pinks together with the neutrals of gray and beige.

You have to do it right to carry off pink in the living room - and I think this is right!
Just a touch of yellow is used with the pink in this room and notice the brass shelves which represent the yellow family.

Do you think you could use pink and/or yellow in your home?

We always need to personalize our color choices for our homes and wardrobes. Sometimes we need to tweak the colors a bit.

I have been thinking about it for quite awhile now, and with my cobalt blue and white I think it could work by using a brighter version of pink as you will see in the pillow below…….

THROW PILLOWS 24x24 Navy Blue Denim Throw Pillow Covers 24 x 24 Euro Shams Pink Yellow Ikat Decorative Throw pillows missoni

Can You Believe It's Horchow?
There is a lot of indigo blue in this room and notice the pop of pink flowers on the table.  Even the books on the shelves have a pinkish hue.

This is how pink can be added to a room without taking over the room.

The touch of pink in this room brings life to a very subtle room.

Love the blues!

When you like a color, or want to add a new color to your already established mix, find images that are pleasing to your eye, and study how the designer applied the color you are contemplating using.

You will notice in the last few pictures I have shown you how I would apply pink in my home that has a color scheme of blue and white with touches of black and white and accents of green…..

I will easily be able to add a touch of pink, and/or yellow to my room in the form of pillows, or flowers.

There are always ways to add  a color spot of a new color if you do it with a restrained hand. A book on a table, a small votive candle holder, a throw on the arm or back of a chair or sofa.


Keep in mind when certain colors become the new kid on the block, you can personalize it to your liking. I am not a blush girl, but I do love pink in a medium value, and that is the shade that will work in my personal home and in my wardrobe.

Bottom line is to always choose the colors that make YOU smile, and live with them in your home, and in your wardrobe, no matter what is being featured in the design world, or on the runways.

I love color, and I have fun from year to year predicting what I think we will be seeing more of.

Sometimes I am spot on and sometimes I am way off, and then there are times I am ahead of the game.

I hope you enjoyed my little prediction for 2015 and remember


color scheme, minus the 2 darker shades on the right.

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