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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

This is Not A Test!

This is not a test, no time for trials and errors!! (well maybe for a few errors) It is now time to get all the final details wrapped up.(literally)

How are you all doing? If you are like me you are now down to finishing  the baking, wrapping and making plans menu for your Christmas breakfast, lunch, dinner, or all of the above.

This is a fun week for me because I am feeling the full blown Christmas spirit!! My mind is spinning with ideas all wrapped around, food, gifts, and most importantly my family being here to celebrate and spend time with us.

During this busy time of year I like to set up a card table in my living room. I buy a Christmas puzzle and have it set up and we work on it through the week clear to New Years.

It is amazing how a puzzle will draw you in before you know it, you are sitting down and putting pieces together. Or in my case, trying to put pieces together.
I am definitely a color coded gal. Even in putting a puzzle together I do it by colors, not shapes. I also shop by colors!!

I am baking four types of cookies this year
 The good old standby, chocolate chip, everyone's favorite.
If you want the recipes just click on the link printed below each image.

Chocolate Crinkles

Lemon Crinkles

I made these last night and they are definitely keepers. They are so easy(they are made with a cake mix). Soft, light and fluffy, really tasty! Three ingredients are needed, lemon cake mix, cool whip and eggs, that’s it! 

If you are running out of time these would be easy to whip up!! I found it really helpful to put the dough in the freezer to firm up for a short period of time. The dough is really sticky, but by dropping it and rolling it around in the powdered sugar, it is easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

Caramel stuffed Apple Cider Cookie

I am going to make these today or tomorrow. I think these sound like they would be a fun addition to the mix. I love apple cider flavor and add caramel, how bad can that be?!!!

As you all know, my table was rearranged ,by Abigail “The Elf!” so I will be doing something simple, but festive for our Holiday table. It is fine, because I had plans on changing it so I can add some leaves.
Time to get off of the computer and make my menu and grocery list!!!

I am ♪♫ Falalaing♪♫ right along!!

I hope you are ………..

“Enjoying the Process!” Of:

Making your Christmas plans!!


BTW: It has been brought to my attention, from a few of my readers that you might not be getting my post via Feedburner. I think the only way to continue getting my post via email is to sign up, again! Sorry for the inconvenience. I had to do this a couple of times on certain blogs. I am not sure why certain subscribers get dropped, but apparently it does happen.