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Thursday, February 9, 2012

I Get To Buy A New Piece Of Furniture!!


I am the kind of girl that gets beyond thrilled for the opportunity to look at, or buy a new piece of furniture for my home. I am sure I am not alone in this.

However, I am about to be in this situation, and I am not as thrilled as I should be. What?! You might ask!


I am about to start looking for a new bed because we are graduating to a King size bed after years of sleeping on a Queen.

I have what I think is a beautiful bedroom set. I am not normally a set kind of gal, but this particular set caught my eye over seven years ago. We got it to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary.

The above images are of my existing bedroom set. The bed is a canopy frame with side panels at the head of the bed. This is a picture of our armoire, and we even got the sink vanity to go with our set since it is in such close proximity to the armoire.

Throughout this post you will see images I have collected of rooms that are attractive to me for one reason or another.

I won’t bore you will all the reasons why we are getting a king size bed, you can probably figure that out on your own.

So now I am in a situation that I normally would love to be in, I get to  buy a new piece of furniture,and new bedding. My problem is I truly love what I have!

I am pretty set  that I will be sticking with a piece that will go with the nightstands, and my existing armoire. I also will be buying all white or very, very, pale blue bedding similar to what I have now.

I  have had the Hotel duvet for about twenty years.  I still love it, but I might be getting something without the Hotel stitching this time around.

So basically I will be looking for a cream headboard and either white or, soft blue bedding.

Source: bhg.com via Kathy Sue on Pinterest

I have found a few beds that look interesting to me, and will be checking them out in the next couple of days.

They are at Ethan Allen, a local store that we bought our original set from.

Here is what I am considering:
Please feel free to chime in and leave me a comment on which bed you like the best for my situation!!

BED #1

This first bed is from their French collection, and I think it is the closest in matching the finish that is on my existing furniture which was in their Swedish Country Collection, which unfortunately they no longer carry anymore.

It is a bit more detailed than the other pieces that I have, but I think I could make it work.

The apprehensions I have with this one are, will it take my room in a different direction? Is it too fancy? I like my room  to feel simple, calm and fresh.

BED #2

This bed is in their New Country Collection, and it is probably more in keeping with the look/style of my existing pieces, but I am not sure the finish will work. I will be able to tell better once I see it in the store.
I could keep my bedding simple with this bed, and it would look more than appropriate.

My reluctance with this bed is, will it be too chunky, and massive looking in a King size? That is yet to be seen.

BED #3

I would not have to worry about the finish on this bed because it is upholstered, and I would either have it done in a simple white or cream fabric. The details are really quite pretty, and it would work with the overall feel and style of the bedroom. 

My reluctance with this bed is it too trendy for me? Upholstered beds have been around for a long time, and I am not sure that I would not tire of it quickly. 

So there you have it!!  My somewhat of a dilemma!

I am going to be looking at beds today, wish me luck!!

I am going to try to:

“Enjoy The Process!”