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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

If I Were Kate Spade!!! I would……

If I were Kate Spade I would……….Let me start from the beginning.

It all started with this dress!……..

1 (325x407)
Does this look like Spring or what? I love, love this dress and I must say if I were younger and thinner, I think this would be hanging in my closet. Okay maybe not younger, but I definitely would need to be thinner. However  that is a whole other show!

2 (320x306)
Back to what I was saying. It all started with this dress and I started thinking that if I were Kate Spade, “What are some of the things that I would have in my life that look very Kate Spade-ish to me?”

If I were Kate Spade I would look for a house in a town that looked like this……

1 (550x400)

My house would definitely have one of these in my back yard…….

2 (554x482)

I would also have to have one of these in my backyard …..

I would of course have lots and lots of colorful flowers so I would be spending lots of time in here………..

After cutting and potting my colorful flowers I would make one of these for inside my colorful home……

Of course I would have to share some of my lovely, colorful flowers with my neighbors, so I would  hop on one of these and go visiting………

All above images via Pinterest and Google Images

I had so much fun pretending to be Kate Spade and think in Technicolor.

I thought this might bring a Spring smile to your face!!

“Enjoy the Process!” Of:

Thinking in bright rainbow colors!!