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Monday, April 22, 2013

Monday's Family Room Update!!


Recently I had a friend ask me what I have left to do in the our family room.

It is funny when when someone ask you a question like that you hesitate, then you start making your mental list.

I thought I would update you all on the progress and what we have left on our To-Do list.

When I left you last I showed you a teaser picture……

wainscoting and mirror 007 (800x600)
 My very handy, talented, sweet, loving husband has made a wish come true for me.

wainscoting and mirror 005 (678x800)

The wainscoting for the room has started taking shape. This is something I have had in my little design brain for over 10 years. 

YES! you heard right 10 years ago I started talking about the someday list for this room and wainscoting was on that list.

I am calling this a, "LABOR OF LOVE," since my live-in handyman really did not want to do this to begin with.
black sconces 005 (800x600)


wainscoting and mirror 001 (800x600)

Now for the big To-Do list:

1. Paint wainscoting the same color as all the trim,
    swiss coffee.

2. Paint brick Swiss coffee (I am doing the happy
   dance about this one) Hubby did not, would not
   give in to painting the brick, but once he saw the
   wainscoting he knew it had to be done!! Woo hoo!!!

3. Finish wainscoting around the entire room

4. Add crown molding

5. Paint small end table a pretty color( color to be 
    announced later,I need to have a few surprises)

6. Purchase antique brass pharmacy floor lamp for
    right hand white chair area.

7. Find artwork for back wall and above small
    desk.(looking for architectural blue prints)

8. Possibly paint desk(color not chosen yet) probably
    a soft off-white.

9. Paint upper family room walls.

10. Possibly paint bar stools a soft cream and have
      seats reupholstered.

11. Accessorize as we go along.

So there you have it! More to do, more to show you later.


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