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Monday, March 24, 2014

Kitchen Update

The last I reported on my kitchen we were in the middle of having to take out all the bottom cabinets and level them for the new marble slabs. 

You can read about it HERE if you need to catch up.

Kitchen reno 003 (800x600)

Because of that one delay we are a bit delayed with everything else, but at this point the marble counters are in and the tiles have been set.

Today the tile will be grouted.

Kitchen reno 015

We had two other set backs. My contractor checked the work that had been done, and found two 1/4 in mistakes he wants changed. ( I appreciate his attention to detail)

1. the window sill was off
2.the sink was set off

Needless to say he is not happy with his workers, but is fixing the problem.

The sad part is having to take out work that has already been done.

Kitchen reno 001 (600x800)

Speaking of work that has been done and is being taken out…..

keep calm
YES!! She did!

There was one detail that I let my husband, and the contractor talk me into, and I am not happy with it. Soooooo, Today that has to be changed out.

Hubby is not happy about that, and I would imagine the contractor will not be very happy either. But I know in my heart it is the right thing to do.

Kitchen reno 002 (800x600)

I am learning all over again that men and women speak two different languages when it comes to this kind of stuff.

For instance. I was standing in the middle of my kitchen discussing with my contractor and husband about the plumbing fixtures. 

I told them of my concern of having them in place while there still had to be work done on the window sill. They both reassured me that it would not be a problem. I still had my doubts.

Kitchen reno 015 (800x600)

At the end of the day after everyone left, I mentioned it again to my husband and he agreed so he cancelled the plumbers visit until tomorrow. 

When I mentioned we had a whole conversation about it with our contractor earlier in the day, he did not remember it at all.

Here is why: Men talking about plumbing fixtures means underneath the cabinet and sink. Women talking about plumbing fixtures means the pretty faucet on top. See what I mean?!!

Now I will clarify what page we are on! LOL

Kitchen reno 009 (800x600)

Fingers Crossed that moving forward all goes as planned!