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Friday, March 19, 2010


You probably have heard me mention that I love  a touch of whimsy in my home. I think whimsy is a bit subjective. What one person would find whimsical. another might find silly. I personally like a touch to bring formality down a notch. I think it keeps design real and more down to earth- not too stuffy. I thought I would show you some images that I find whimsical  in a home.  For me, it is taking a classically lined piece and painting it in a whimsical and fun color. The pieces below are good examples of what I find fun and whimsical

When I saw this image I smiled and started thinking where could I put something like this in my home. You know how I love black and white and then you add the shape of this piece and the harlequin pattern, well that just about took it over the top for me, Love it!! Notice how the lines on the console and the mirror are very classic, but they appear more fun because of the way they are painted. I really like the way the mirror is slightly outlined and so is the console. It is almost like a drawing in a color book. This piece and the next few pieces are from the line of furniture Italian desinger Nella Vetrina Home Designs 

Can you believe this piece for a bathroom. I am in love with this.

This piece is so inspring to me . I love the formal design in black. The contemporary legs in metal and the fantastic trough sink. You add the wonderful panel mouldings and the oversized mirror to the mix and this is just a WOW!!

This is really making me think about painting one of my older less favorite pieces a bright color.

With each picture that I looked at, I got more inspired to add whimsical touches everywhere.

You can see the outlining affect on this wonderful black piece. I can not tell if it is white or silver but either way it is amazing. I also love the clear glass lamp with the classic lines. The contemporary spiral bowl adds the perfect touch.

Oh My!! What a little paint will do for a piece.

Just look at the sconces how they repeat the design in the mirror. The same design is in white on the wonderful black doors. The more I see the more excited I get. I think that is what Whimsy is to me. It makes me smile and get excited about design.

I am in such awe of this I hardly know what to say . I think I will just let the picture speak for itself.

I love the use of a mirror inside the design on the door fronts.

All of the above pictures were by the same Nella Vetrina Home Designs.

I find this whimsical because it is a rope swing which means fun to every child and grown-up!

Here the homeowner has added whimsy with color and patterns. Notice the galvanized tub hanging upside down  and used as a light fixture over the bar area. The stools are each in a different color, much more fun than if they were all the same.

Notice how an every day object becomes whimsical when painted on a wall

Here an everyday bookshelf becomes whimsical when its shape become a little irregular and it is zig-zagging down the wall. 

I could not do a post without showing a bit of Mackenzies Child's designs She is probably the queen of Whimsy.

I was just reminded by someone near and dear to my heart that I have a whimsical lamp that I should show my readers .  This is a floor lamp so to see all the detail I had to take several pictures. I hope you don't mind. Starting from the bottom......

This lamp is handpainted by Tracy Porter for Shade of Light

I hope this Whimsy post has left you smiling.

"Enjoy the Process" Of: Adding a little Whimsy to your decor.