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Sunday, January 17, 2010


 Do you ever think about the back of your chair back?  Well, as funny as it might sound, I do!
When you walk into a room and see  the back of a chair, do you just pass by, because it really doesn't say, "Look at ME!"  I love to walk into a room where the back of the chair has been addressed in an interesting or an unusual manner. I have few pictures of chair backs in my file that inspire me.  On my someday list I would like to have some chairs that have a number monogrammed on the back.  I just find that so whimsical and fun.  For those of you that don't know me I am obsessed with letters and numbers. I look at the back of my dining room chair as another opportunity to use a monogram of numbers or letters. I also find it quite interesting to use a completely different fabric from the one used on the rest of the chair. I think an overscale pattern is perfect for this affect. So do you ever think of doing something unusual to the back of your chairs?  Take a look at the following photos.  I hope it will inspire you to look at your chair backs differently.

I love this chair! It not only has a different fabric but it also has a monogram. What a perfect combination.

Look at the lovely embroidered leaves on these chair backs. Gorgeous!

Here we have a beautiful, elegant oval back chair that could look quite formal but the small check keeps it more casual and friendly.

I love the use of a sette instead of all matching chairs and this designer took it a step further by putting a different fabric on the back.

These chairs are a good example of using a larger scaled pattern on the backs. The pattern is subtle in color but it is a nice large scale, giving the chair impact.

I am not a girl who likes the color orange but this fabric is amazing. I would love this in a green or a blue for my home.

Slipcovers are used here and each back has been addressed in a fun manor. Notice the jeweled buttons on the chair on the right. Very clever.

Even though this pattern has been used on the front and the back I wanted to show it to you.  I think the large single flower is amazing and it makes this chair stand out as unusual and fun.

Now we are talking Unusual! How interesting to use the silhouettes of chairs on the backs of these slipcovers. Love It!!

Now walk into your rooms and which chair backs could you change to be a Stand-Out!

"Enjoy the Process", Of:  Changing the Backs of your Chairs.