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Monday, February 8, 2010


Since it is the week before Valentines Day I thought you might like some inspiration.

This is a fun wool pillow for Valentines Day. You can find it here

You can take an ordinary paper clip and twist it into a heart shape.

How about a special cup of coffee first thing in the morning for your sweetheart. All you need is one of these special stencils for $10. You can find it here 

This is so hysterical, I could not resist. Actually, I wish I had found this a couple of weeks ago. It takes that long for it to sprout.  Wouldn't little ones be  surprised when they see what was written on their bean sprout. Love this idea. You can purchase it here

How fun is this! Pretty and Pink and with glitter hearts.

Instead of a bouquet of flowers, how about a pillow covered in roses.

You can never go wrong with a fun love story!!

I hope this gives you some ideas or some inspiration  to make a special someone feel special on......
.......Valentines Day!!

"Enjoy the Process" Of : Finding new gift ideas for Valentines Day!